Saturday, September 22, 2012

Most Expensive Piece of Quilting Fabric I've Ever Purchased

Cost of one yard of fabric:  $17.  $5.50 of that was shipping.  Yes, I really like the Winterkist collection.  I've been following the Winterestkist blog hop leading up to the recent release of this line of fabric for months.  Lecien's free quilt pattern using the gnomes kept screaming, "Make me!"  I decided not to go overboard, though.  I wanted to see some in person first.  It was $11.50 a yard from Fabric Worm!  That is more than I have ever paid for fabric. 

I should have stopped when I got to shipping costs, but...I didn't  I did, however, email the company to find out why shipping cost so much.  I just mailed a heavier envelope a longer distance for less than $2.  Answer:  They use a flat shipping rate.  They told me I could have ordered 10 or 11 yards for the same price!  In essence, those making small purchases are subsidizing those making large ones.   My son has an on-line business.  Using the USPS website, he can figure out exact postage for the dimensions and weight of each package,  pay for it,  and print out the completed shipping label.  Customers with large, heavy items need not subsidize those with lighter items.

Lessons learned:  check shipping costs before getting too committed to placing the order OR just be patient and wait for fabric to come to the local quilt shop to see it in person.  I'm also going to avoid blog hops like this.  It build the same dumb frenzy that is presently going on with the new IPhone.  Well, at least it wasn't as expensive as an IPhone. You know you are addicted to fabric when....


  1. I just emailed you about something, and mentioned that a pattern selling company wanted to charge me $8.95 to ship a paper pattern to Canada ... the pattern itself was $8.95, and shipping was THE SAME! We *always* have to check shipping prices - they vary SO widely, it's almost criminal. One online store I like to buy from is pinkcastlefabrics - their shipping rates to Canada are fantastic, but their selection isn't very big. And many Etsy sellers will give you a better rate when you're ordering a few items, than the shopping cart might calculate --- it doesn't hurt to check! Did they at least send it priority for the $5.50? I know First Class is VERY inexpensive with USPS - we don't have that in Canada so our postage - well - I call Canada Post the PIRATES, so that gives you an idea, lol.

  2. You've really made my day today with this post.