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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Another Misting Fountain

Yet another water feature added to the house.

Look at the mist rising in the center!

I strongly identify with Gollum from The Hobbit.  I, too, have precious things.  This computer is, in fact, officially named My Precious.  The difference between Gollum and me is that I have many precious things while Gollum was satisfied with one.  Yes, I should be ashamed.  No, I am not.  Techie toys, fabric, sewing machines, and water features--I love them all.  Right now, I'm on a misting water fountain kick.  I love the sound of the water trickling in the background and the mist rising and floating away.

After my sister gave my first misting fountain,

 the obsession began.  That one even has lights that change colors--or not.

The one problem with using the large vase is that it is too deep to see the mist which dissipates rather quickly. You need a fairly shallow container for the water if you want to see that mist.  To get around that issue, I bought a giant cocktail glass and plunked it in the center. 
Ashland Grande Margarita Glass

You can see the upper edge of the glass piece in the photos above.  Dissipating mist dilemma solved, and I still get to use my beautiful vase.  Between the pink pine cones and this, I've had my crafty fix for the month.  One more project off the list.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Force Is With Me

in the laundry room.
Kind of a funny thing about this fabric (from Missouri Quilt Company, btw). I saw the fabric before the movie.  From the picture of Rey on the fabric, I thought she had one leg.  I asked Brian who had seen the movie about it, and he had no idea what I was talking about.  I mean, come on!  Look at her.  Am I the only one who thinks she looks like she has one leg there? I actually thought that was kind of cool and wondered about the back story.  Okay, maybe it's just me.  Moving right along.  Back to the post.
My OCD insists that I apologize for not seeing that thread on the S before photographing this.  Stupid OCD.

I loved these hampers until I found that hampers without tops are not a great idea when the laundry room opens to the family room.  As they say, don't be airing your dirty laundry.  Hence the need for hamper covers.  Putting this on Sew Can Do link party--the force demands to be shared.

ANOTHER PROJECT DONE!!!! YAY!!!   And I got a new toy. 

Is that not cool?  It creates a beautiful, ever-moving mist.  It was a gift from the universe because my sister couldn't keep it.  Her cats viewed it as a combination personal drinking fountain and toy.  You can change the lights to a few different colors or have it change continuously from one color to another..  Then there are the light flashing options, one of which  is way too close to the disco lights of old.  That option will not be happening. Disco lights have always made me feel as though I'm one step away from a seizure.

This is the first fountain I've had with a silent motor--no noise.    All you hear is the tinkling sound of water.  I like it, but Brian has become a bit obsessed with it.  He drags anyone who comes in the house to stare at it and treats them to a light show.  I fear he will start knocking on the neighbors' doors to invite they over to see it.  I'm hoping his infatuation dies down by the end of football season.  Right now he can hardly leave the house because of games of one kind or another, and, for once, I am thankful for that.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gurgling Water for the Front Porch

I do love the sound of flowing water.  Sadly, the container I used for the small water fountain I had in my sunroom cracked.  I reused the filter and some of the stones to make this one for the front porch.

It's just a plastic planter, large and small stones, and a cute little potted plant from Joann's.  I thought the little flower would sink, but it floated.  I like that even more.  The bubbling water makes it slowly move around.  Both the sound and movement are quite relaxing.

With the Adirondack chairs, little side tables, citronella candles,  Kindle reader, and a cup of green tea, the little gurgling fountain makes my front porch just about perfect.  Number of people who sit on their front porches in my neighborhood: one--me.  We've got lots of nicely decorated porches, but I never see anyone on them.  Is it just my little suburban area???

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My inexpensive and almost maintenance-free water fountain

I am taken with water features.  On the other hand, I don't like having to spend a lot of time on them.  I've been playing with fountains since I first bought one of the little packaged models in the 80s.  All of those were either buzzingly annoying, obnoxiously loud, and/or require perpetual fiddling with the motor filter.  Their small size also required that they be filled constantly.   My own attempts at building one from scratch have been so-so.  They were still rather care intensive.  However, I finally did it!  I've waited to post about this to be sure it was a long-term success.  I've had this one going for over a year with almost little maintenance.

The porcelain pot,  about a foot high and wide, was one that was around the house.  I can put a ton of water in this so that I only need to top this off maybe once a month.  The sound changes with the level of water.  If it gets too loud and splishy (is that a word?), I toss some more water in.  I also put in a bit of bleach on occasion to keep the bowl from developing scum.  Just a splash or what amounts to several tablespoons does the job without getting the eau de swimming pool effect.

The pump is in the 100-155 gph range (about $25) so that it works at its lowest setting.    Although that is a high range for the size of the pot, working at the lowest setting means it is less noisy and not taxing the unit.  This low setting gives the sound of water throughout the downstairs but does not show water spurting up unless you look down into it.  I've learned that spurting water also means the possibility of over-spray which will result in water spots on the surrounding area. You can hear a bit of a pump buzz when you are next to it, but sitting in the room you just hear the water.

If you get a pump that overpowers the sound of the water, return it!  Try the next size down or a different brand.  IMHO, if the pump is too loud, it is defective--it gets returned.  Another suggestion, test the water pump outside if possible to get the setting you want.  You will be amazed at how far some of them can shoot water. 

My pump is covered with large washed rocks I've collected over time.  The cord is covered (well, almost--you can see a bit on the side) by the small potted plastic plant.  Yeah, I could drill a hole in the side of the pot, but I'm not willing to risk the pot.  The plant works fine for me.   Voila!  Finally, a fountain that can survive my neglect!