Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Meet Bertie

 Kyle and Melissa got a dog!  Lucky me, all the fun and no vet bills.  Yes, Bertie is wearing both a sweater and a coat in this photo.  He's a rescue dog brought up to a New York City shelter from Georgia.  He's been slowly adjusting to cold, snow, and city traffic--very, very slowly.
Granddogs are apparently allowed on the furniture.
Bertie is a quite the cuddler.
Melissa and Bertie

Kyle and Bertie
He also loves my sewing room!  Bertie finds all the fleecy, fluffy fabrics on the lower shelves and gleefully pulls them down.  He is particularly found of fake furs and flannels.  I've caught him racing around the house with fabric trailing behind more times than I can count.  Bertie is also convinced that the rolled fabric remnants from Joanne's are actually chew toys.  I've always wanted someone to hang out with in the sewing room, but this wasn't what I had in mind.  Hard to resist those cute little eyes and those skinny little legs, though.
That's supposed to be a bandana, but he does look sweet in a babushka, doesn't he?


  1. OMG ROTFLMAO @ Babushka Bertie! I can see now that the next time we visit, I'm going to have to up my game to be invited into the sewing room - I must start planning my military campaign :D

  2. yes, he is looking so cute in a babushka. Thanks for sharing such a nice photos of your lovely dog. It is also very good news that he is now finally allowing to sit on the sofa. God bless!!

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