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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Using Up the Stash

I have two sewing goals this year:

First:   I am going to try to make a significant dent in the stash---again.

Second:  Try new things, both projects and techniques. 

Soooo, first project:
The Gardening Apron!

Thought this apron might be better than my usual practice of ruining clothes digging in the dirt.  Used up some of the fabric, button, and ribbon stash--triple win.  It's my usual apron pattern BUT sewing ribbon on top of the webbing for the neck and waist straps was something I've been meaning to try forever.  Turned out to be easy, too.  Made the design on my Silhouette.  Close up of the little frog button: 

I even put on a nice big divided pocket rather than leaving it off  as I would normally do in my usual rush to just git 'er done.
Gotta have pockets for the clippers and such

Also used stash items for this plastic bag holder and dish drainer set for Keegan.
Oh, look!  A tiny bit of ribbon used for the hanger as well
Made the bag holder reversible in the same fabric as the drainer clothes.
Love the terry and cotton fabric drainer idea I found on Pinterest. Need to make some for me.  Why is it that we tend to make nicer things for other people?  This is my plastic bag holder...
Pathetic little thing thrown together out of desperation one day when the bags were threatening to overflow.  She used to have a sister, "Such Trash", hanging nearby who disappeared.  Sometimes my husband doesn't like my crafty ideas.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My U Albany Design Using the Silhouette

U Albany doesn't sell a sweatshirt with enough bling for me, so I designed my own.   Did I mention that I like bling and am a proud graduate of the University at Albany?  I think custom school shirt would be a great gift idea for those about to start college or high school.  A silhouette (as in a real silhouette) of the school building would be nice or you can use the state as I've done.  All states are available online.

The original map design from the Silhouette online store has a star for the capital which just happens to be Albany.  I removed that and put in the "at". You could move the star to the school's location or change it to "of", "at" as I've done.

I'm thinking of adding "School of Education" in smaller letter underneath Albany.  For larger universities, that might further personalize it.  Then again, at the rate people change their majors, you might want to hold off on that!  It would be great for someone who is or will soon be a graduate.

As for working with glitter vinyl on a Cameo, there are some scary stories out there in blog land about it.  I didn't have any problem, though.   I bought my glitter vinyl from, The backing plastic is sturdy and the glitter vinyl is soft and pliable.  That may well have been a key part of my success.

Freakin' cool to be able to design and make a shirt that looks as good as the ones the pros make!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Those Annoying Marathoners

Have you seen the quote on Pinterest about Marathoners?  It's something along the line of

 "How do you know if someone runs marathons?  Don't worry, they'll tell you." 

In fact, they will tell you even when you DON'T ask with stickers on their cars.  I hate it when I see those stickers.  They make me feel inadequate. It was bad enough when I started seeing 26.2 stickers all over, but then the triathletes had to go putting on their 70.3 stickers, and the Ironman people upped it to 140.6.

Sure there are the occasional 13.1 stickers, but they really don't make me feel any better.  In fact, I think that's worse.  They make me feel as though I'm not even close to being inadequate. There are 0.0 stickers, but they kinda make running look totally lame. I like running if I'm not feeling as though I've constantly got to go farther faster. To help the casual runner feel less alone, I've created the following sticker for my truck.  It seemed like a good number because if you're interest in running at all, a mile would be a perfectly achievable goal, right?
Taken before getting the air bubbles out, but you get the idea.  I am NOT running up those stairs to get  the
scraper right now in order to have a better blog photo.

So go forth and run! Stop when you don't feel like running anymore.  It always makes me smile when I do this.  Let's not know or care about the distance.  When someone asks how far you run, tell them as long as you feel like it.  Let's take running back from the overachievers!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Silhouette Cameo Project FINALLY

I got the Silhouette for Christmas from my lovely husband and have spent the ensuing months researching.  I have watched about a hundred videos, visited countless websites, and pinned my heart out.  I finally got up the courage to actually use it.

I used one of my favorite pinned quotes that I felt was befitting for a sewer.
It was between this quote and "You know what I find odd, numbers that can't be divided by two."  I love them both, but went for the shorter one for a first venture into the Silhouette AND  iron-on vinyl.

I ordered the vinyl from a few months ago because they seemed to have lots of happy customers.  I can see why people like them.  This is a really soft, stretchy vinyl with much better coloring than my photos show.  I guess I really shouldn't be taking photos in the closet, but who wants to do all this blogging crap right?  This pic shows the color better.

My comment section is not working.  So sorry for that.  I started getting a SSL Connection Error message when I tried to fix it.  Blogger's layout page shows that it is fixed, but when I try to go to the blog to see it via the,"so, click here if you want to see it" link, the SSL message appears.  There appear to be about a hundred ways listed to fix it, but I've not had any luck yet. Email me!  As far as I know, that still works.  Okay, I just went into my blog and saw the now the comment section IS working for this post.  It still won't work for that one post about the bunny towels, though.  Does anyone really understand all this computer stuff?  I'll bet Bill Gates has these problems, too.