Sunday, January 25, 2015

Using Up the Stash

I have two sewing goals this year:

First:   I am going to try to make a significant dent in the stash---again.

Second:  Try new things, both projects and techniques. 

Soooo, first project:
The Gardening Apron!

Thought this apron might be better than my usual practice of ruining clothes digging in the dirt.  Used up some of the fabric, button, and ribbon stash--triple win.  It's my usual apron pattern BUT sewing ribbon on top of the webbing for the neck and waist straps was something I've been meaning to try forever.  Turned out to be easy, too.  Made the design on my Silhouette.  Close up of the little frog button: 

I even put on a nice big divided pocket rather than leaving it off  as I would normally do in my usual rush to just git 'er done.
Gotta have pockets for the clippers and such

Also used stash items for this plastic bag holder and dish drainer set for Keegan.
Oh, look!  A tiny bit of ribbon used for the hanger as well
Made the bag holder reversible in the same fabric as the drainer clothes.
Love the terry and cotton fabric drainer idea I found on Pinterest. Need to make some for me.  Why is it that we tend to make nicer things for other people?  This is my plastic bag holder...
Pathetic little thing thrown together out of desperation one day when the bags were threatening to overflow.  She used to have a sister, "Such Trash", hanging nearby who disappeared.  Sometimes my husband doesn't like my crafty ideas.


  1. My plastic bag holder is ... a plastic bag. UGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It needs ribbon to spice it up!! And fabric. And -plastic bag :D

    Sweet projects - particularly the CSI-worthy gardening apron! I like adding theme buttons to things as well - I have a bunch of frog buttons I bought to embellish a froggy quilt, only to realize, when I started to sew them on, that they would make the quilt too bumpy to lay on top of (it was a quilt for a kiddo). Still have the buttons - the quilt went unbuttonified :D I used 1.5m of ribbon today on a taggy - when I turned it RSO to press, I accidentally burned and melted 2 of the ribbons, and had to cut them off and add new ones! Thankfully they were "only" triple stitched at that point, so ripping them out was easy. NOT! IT WAS A ROYAL PITA!!! But I got 'er done, and learned a lesson about being careful with a hot iron :D

  2. I love your gardening apron. It's way too lovely to be worn in the garden. It might get dirty and stained. That's what happens to my gardening clothes, anyway. Very appropriate for my garden though, with several chooks and guinea pigs buried there.

  3. What a cute garden apron! I adore that little frog button and he's found a perfect home. You'll be glad to know that my friend Judy and I got out my sewing machine and messed around with it. Just after she got it all threaded....she snapped off the thread holding pin by accident. Had to take it to the shop to get it replaced. Cost almost half as much as I paid for the machine. Could be that my new machine might be named Damien II! LOL!

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