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Monday, April 25, 2011

Master Bath is Finished!!!

 Finally!  Finished at last.  It's been at least four years in the making--yeah, I am serious.  It was worth the wait, though.  From the doorway:
Did I fool anyone by making the valance long and placing it up high so that the window looked bigger (or at least longer)? 

Behind the door is my husband's favorite part.
And my favorite part.     
I insisted on the excessive towel bars because I always forget towels and stuff.  My husband thinks that towel holders should NOT be over the tub.  He caved, however, when I reminded him that I would be calling him when I forgot towels.  Note the remote in the picture above, right within reaching distance for...

our second favorite thing in the bathroom--the flat screen hooked up to cable.  It's important to know that the water stays nice and warm through an entire movie--really.  I tried it.

Here are the sinks, etc.  I figure granite and brushed nickle should be going out of style now that I finally have them in.  I love those medicine cabinets.  They are set into the wall and completely mirrored inside and out.  Even the BACK of the cabinet doors are mirrored ! 

See the little cairn on the back of the toilet?  Is that not just so Zen, so spa-like.  Close up:

I have a thing for stones.  This cairn is from a shop in Clifton Park (NY) called Artique.  They sell small amounts of floor space to crafters which gives you  access to all kinds of interesting mini-shops in one big store.

These seem easy to make.  The middle stones are completely drilled through at the center.  The base stone is partially drilled in the center with a dowel glued upright, and the top stone is partially drilled to sit on top of the dowel.  I really want to try doing some of these.  I fear that I will spend more on drill bits than if I just went to Artique and bought a few more, though.  If you've tried this, let me know what kind of drill bit to use, please and thank you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Never-Ending Master Bath Saga

Is my master bath finished?  No, but I do FINALLY have a shower enclosure.  Yesterday I caulked everything else needing it.  Today I paint the trim and door.  I will not sleep until it is FINISHED!

So why am I posting today?  I was checking out a link party and saw what look very much like my own bathroom cabinet--right down to two green rugs in front of the cabinet.  That blogger asked for ideas on hardware for the cabinet.  I'm posting this so she can see what we did and to let you know what she did for WAY less money.

Go check out what 3krazychics did to update her old cabinet using some Rustoleum product.  It looks as nice as mine (Yes, I'm bragging about my cabinet.) for a whole lot less money (Yes, I wish I had seen her post before spending so much money on mine.).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost Finished Remodeling the Master Bath!!

Since the master bath should be completed soon, I thought I would post an early demo picture (or two) and one of where it is today.  In two more weeks I should will have a completed project!!! 

Taking out the walls was fun.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to ask the kids to help. Yes, those are bare feet in the midst of a construction zone.

Did you know that in the early 70's tile floors were laid in an inch and a half thick base of concrete with some kind of wire set in  it? I am the floor demo person.  I know this now. Then you need to put in a new sub-floor to raise it so that it is even with the bedroom floor.  Nothing is ever easy when remodeling.

Here we are today with a new wall minus a linen closet.  I will miss that linen closet but, the bigger bath will have towel storage.  I repainted the whole bedroom since I had to paint the new wall.  It's still green, but two new shades.  We still need to put the chair rail up on the new wall.  Is it not annoying how one job always leads to six more?

We are almost there!!  Two more weeks and pics of the completed bath and closet WILL be up--I hope. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Messy, Messy House

Is anyone else suffering from Halloween overload.  I love my creative blogs, but pre-holiday posts can drive me away for a while.  I have been busy, though.  In an effort to fix up the house, I have created a very messy house!

The bathroom remodel continues.  I am taping and mudding the new walls while Brian finishes up the plumbing.  I am also fixing the stairwell wall while I have all the paraphernalia out.  I tried to get away with NOT repairing the wallboards on the stairs that had begun to bulge at the joint over the years.  The new paint job actually emphasized it.  Every time I walked downstairs, it was there grabbing my attention, demanding to be FIXED.

Am I good at mudding?  NO.  I always end up having to sand a ton.  I feel totally inadequate every step of the way.  I'd hire someone in a heartbeat, but the price for that around here is just too much.  In the end, however, I am always freaking amazed that I can pull it off.  It's frustrating and messy, but the end product is always more than adequate.

I'm also still in the process of moving the sewing room.  Aside from the closet, it is one messy room.  I'm sharing space with the new bathroom vanity and granite top along with the various tools for the bathroom remodel for now.  One job has to wait for the other. 

I'm ALSO recovering some sofa cushions to use as floor cushions.  There is a good reason for doing this with all these other projects going on.  They are a big part of the new sewing room mess.  I thought it would be a quick and easy job.  I've done it sooo many times now!  I cut apart one of the original cushion covers and use it as a pattern.  This way I can reuse the zipper, too.  BUT the manufacturers did something I've never seen before on this set.  They didn't cut a separate piece of material for the edge piping.  The piping was sewn into the side panel.  What seemed like a great idea that would make things easier, has turned out to be a real pain!  It is really difficult to make those corners turn for one thing. 

All this is snowballing into one big mess.  I may not be the cleanest housekeeper, but I have always prided myself in having a neat house.  "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" is the motto.  It fools people into thinking that the house is a lot cleaner than it is.  NOW, I have the master bathroom and bedroom, the stairwell, and another bedroom looking like disaster areas while housework falls behind in the rest of the house.  I've decided to tell people it is all part of the holiday decor.  It really is scary.