Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost Finished Remodeling the Master Bath!!

Since the master bath should be completed soon, I thought I would post an early demo picture (or two) and one of where it is today.  In two more weeks I should will have a completed project!!! 

Taking out the walls was fun.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to ask the kids to help. Yes, those are bare feet in the midst of a construction zone.

Did you know that in the early 70's tile floors were laid in an inch and a half thick base of concrete with some kind of wire set in  it? I am the floor demo person.  I know this now. Then you need to put in a new sub-floor to raise it so that it is even with the bedroom floor.  Nothing is ever easy when remodeling.

Here we are today with a new wall minus a linen closet.  I will miss that linen closet but, the bigger bath will have towel storage.  I repainted the whole bedroom since I had to paint the new wall.  It's still green, but two new shades.  We still need to put the chair rail up on the new wall.  Is it not annoying how one job always leads to six more?

We are almost there!!  Two more weeks and pics of the completed bath and closet WILL be up--I hope. 


  1. Your home and bath will look so nice. I have trouble with workmen coming and going and never know when the job will be finished. Just had my kitchen done, and still cleaning up the mess. Naturally that led to my painting the entire living and dining room, lol.
    It's worth it, though !!

    1. It seems that those in the home remodeling business really have the upper hand right now. The prices around here are sky high! We usually end up doing most of the work ourselves. It took us weeks to get the shower doors in because the workmen kept cancelling out for one reason or another.

      I hear you with one thing leading to another! I didn't realize just how much work (and money) a home owner needed. Hope you have a blog so I can see that kitchen.

  2. ROTFLMAO @ Kyle - what a fun kiddo! The link to this post was on your Kindle stand post - the photo preview was so cute I had to come take a peek! BARE FEET! LOL!!!