Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gurgling Water for the Front Porch

I do love the sound of flowing water.  Sadly, the container I used for the small water fountain I had in my sunroom cracked.  I reused the filter and some of the stones to make this one for the front porch.

It's just a plastic planter, large and small stones, and a cute little potted plant from Joann's.  I thought the little flower would sink, but it floated.  I like that even more.  The bubbling water makes it slowly move around.  Both the sound and movement are quite relaxing.

With the Adirondack chairs, little side tables, citronella candles,  Kindle reader, and a cup of green tea, the little gurgling fountain makes my front porch just about perfect.  Number of people who sit on their front porches in my neighborhood: one--me.  We've got lots of nicely decorated porches, but I never see anyone on them.  Is it just my little suburban area???


  1. i love a good front porch as i have memories of swinging on my grandparents. and i like the idea of adding the water feature...what a perfect backdrop for spending an afternoon while reading a good book. enjoy;)

  2. I don't get it. My porch is my fav place to be! Who knows...maybe people are just too busy to enjoy the simple things.

  3. I love the sound of relaxing! You made your own fountain? It's lovely! You go girl! Mine is not working this year and needs to be pulled apart and unclogged.'d think I'd get to it here at the end of July??!!

  4. Great job, I love the sound of water but don't have one this year.