Friday, July 19, 2013

Yup, Another Glass Garden Totem

No one else in this area is going to be making glass garden totems because I think I bought up all the glass in the thrift stores.  Then I used all of them in this one totem. 

Yeah, I may have gotten carried away with this one.  That tends to happen when fairies are involved.   The bottom bowl has a fairy on a horse in some sand.
And the top one has a baby fairy with some fairy dust. (Some might say glitter, but I'm sticking with fairy dust.)
 No more garden glass for at least a year.  I promise. 

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  1. Oh how pretty! Love that you put some fairies in them! Are they in there permanently?? I'm kind of sad that you are promising not to make more this year. And..I wish I could get my pachysandra ground cover to take off like yours!

  2. It's about the only thing I CAN grow, although, I must say, my hostas are rockin' this year, too. All that rain appears to have been great for both these kinds of plants. Now, as for my grass...let's not talk about that.

  3. I think if you trap fairies, you get a year of good luck - isn't that how it works? It would appear that you get TWO years - most people aren't lucky enough to catch one of the wee critters, let alone 2! ;)

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