Saturday, July 27, 2013

Made the Noodlehead Sidekick Tote

This is a great pattern!  The instructions are well-written and easy to follow.  I will admit I chose a boring color--again. 

The photo above, however, makes it look old and worn out already.  It looks much better in person--a nice chocolate brown.  The lining has some color, though.

My flap pocket has a snap because I'm still in my snap obsession phase (or should I say craze).

The recessed zipper instructions were so clear even I couldn't mess them up. 

I pretty much stuck to the pattern.  Yeah, I can't believe it either. I only made a few tiny changes.  First, I used a medium-weight canvas material instead of the interfaced cottons and linens the pattern shows.  Then, I didn't make the strap adjustable.  I convinced myself I didn't need it, but I may regret that later.   When I'm getting close to the end of a project these things happen. 

For some reason, my bag came out an inch narrower and almost two inches shorter than the size listed on the pattern. This problem with getting the sizing right happens to me way too often.   I even used a little metal piece with different seam measures on it to make sure I was using the 3/8" allowance.    Must get new glasses.


  1. That is NOT a boring colour at all. Chocolate brown is a lovely colour that will go well with so many outfits!!! I love the large outside pocket... totally practical, but adds to the style as well.

  2. Oh I love the color too! You are a sewing queen! I think you should make one of these and do a giveaway on your me!

  3. The bag is great - I love the pop of colour from the lining :) Weird that it's smaller than the instructions - perhaps the size shown on the pattern was a mistake - it might not be something you did!

  4. I can't tell you how impressed I am by this - wow - it's fantastic
    I happen to love the color :)

  5. Your bag looks fantastic, I love your fabric choices too - doesn't Noodlehead have some fab patterns?! :)