Friday, July 5, 2013

Miss Angelica and the Bibs

This is Keegan's step-granddaughter.  I finished up bibs with the left-over fabric from the blankets just before she arrived for the 4th.  These are the baby bibs for the soon to arrive Arabella.  I used the free pattern from
These are Angelica's bunnies in matching bibs.  I just reduced the free bib pattern by 50% to make bunny bibs.  The neck is just a bit tight for the Baby Binky Bunnies.  Next time, I would reduce the pattern just a little less.
We had a perfect day for celebrating Independence Day, 90 degrees and next to the pool.
Keegan and Angelica

My son, Kiefer and Keegan's partner, Pep

My lovely husband, Brian. 

Angelica with her dad and mom, David and Keita.

Oh, yeah.  That baby is coming soon.

Angelica's Uncle Carre
 Hope all my American readers had a spectacular, fireworks-filled Independence Day!


  1. Looks like you've all had a fun, relaxing day! The bunnies are SO cute in their little bibs.

  2. I want to scoop up Miss Angelica and play dollies and teaparty with her! Lovely family photos, and lovely binky bibs :) I'm suddenly reminded that ... I need grandies!!!!! :D

  3. Looks like a fun day to me! We had rain, rain rain! You are so awesome to make matching bibs for the stuffies!