Monday, July 1, 2013

Prairie Home Companion at Tanglewood

I finally got there!  I love Prairie Home Companion on the radio and have wanted to get to see the show at Tanglewood forever.  I mentioned that I was going to the ladies of the book club and got looks as though I had just admitted to loving porn.  Turns out that some people see this show as the high school play of the performing arts world.  Fortunately, I've never seen a high school play I didn't like either!

LOVED both the show and Tanglewood.  Tanglewood is my new favorite place for music.  First, there are the magnificent grounds and views.
Second, you can bring a picnic complete with wine and spread a blanket just about anywhere.  Not in the mood for toting food?  You can buy all kinds of goodies there and even rent lawn chairs. Third, the sound is crystal clear.

Garrison Keilor and all the performers were really wonderful. After doing the regular show, they started singing everything from Rolling Stones to Andy Williams classics.  What I thought would be a small encore ended up going on forever.  All the singers had truly amazing voices. Heather Masse of The Wailin' Jennys and the DiGiallonardo Sisters--must get anything they have recorded.  Joy Kills Sorrow with Emma Beaton were freakin' awesome!

The one downside is that the theater seats are not angled.  This was my view.
Brian changed seats with me giving me this view.
Fortunately, I was there to listen for the most part.   

I shall leave you with some of the words of wisdom Garrison Keilor put in the souvenir pamphlet.

"There isn't a lot you can do, but you ought to do that much. And if you do, you'll find there is more you can do, and you should do that, too. 

It's good to dream, but the urge to perform is not in itself an indication of talent."

Geez, he must have heard me singing at some point in time to have come up with that last one.


  1. HAHA he must have heard me singing too - I've often been compared to a hyena - and the hyena always wins!

  2. What a beautiful setting for a wonderful play! I'd have been singing along too. I love plays....even the ones my niece and nephew do at their elementary school. Anyone who puts themselves out there for a crowd to see is A-OK in my book. What kind of wine goes with Garrison Keilor???

  3. Shut the front door! I can't believe you were at Tanglewood and you didn't call me ;).

    Our weekend place is in western Mass. about 45 minutes from Tanglewood. We were there a few weeks ago, and last year I did a post about it when we saw Train.

    It is certainly a great place to see a concert, but we have learned over the years NOT to buy shed seats unless it is a concert we REALLY want to see and are confident it will sell out (which is rare). We usually just buy our tics at the gate and get lawn seats. We prefer to sit on the lawn and by waiting until the day of we can know if it's going to rain or not. Two years ago we bought tics in advance for Earth, Wind and Fire and that time were sooooo glad we did. That sold out and it poured the night of the concert just before it started!