Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mudding and Taping and Painting, Oh, My!

Don't you just hate it when life interferes with sewing?   First, we had this nasty leak from the upstairs pipes. It ruined the kitchen ceiling and wallpaper.  No big loss on the wallpaper, although I do miss the perfect ceiling.
Fixing the leak required making a big hole in the ceiling, removing wallpaper and, even worse, the nasty wallpaper glue residue, taping, mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding, mudding and more sanding, and painting. 

We hired a plumber to fix the leak, but I am the repairer of walls and painting here.   It has taken me a week, but I did it!  Note Kiefer applauding the practically-finished job below.  Yes, it's an awful photo.  Since it is past 7 o'clock and I'm covered in spatters of ceiling and "Coconut Milk" paints, it will have to do.     Did you notice that I also got supper on the table--Lasagna no less?  I'm accepting virtual applause in addition to Kiefer's, thank you.    Frankly, though, I'd rather be sewing.  Must start buying lottery tickets so I can hire this crap out.


  1. You are a super-woman! I applaud you too for doing all of that and cooking!

  2. The big problem with a fix-it job like that - is that ONE job tends to lead to a multiple of others -- you start one thing, and that leads to doing something else, which leads to yet another thing ... and another ... it NEVER ENDS!!! I'd rather be sewing, LOL!