Friday, September 7, 2012

What To Do With that Ratty Old T-shirt Your Mate Won't Throw Out

Frame it!
This shirt was wet when thrown on top of some piece of rusting metal and left for days.  My husband REFUSED to part with it.  He's not usually this crazy about a shirt, but this one was from his first "century."  (That would be a hundred mile bike ride for those who are not rabid  avid bicyclists.)  Brian insisted that I should be able to get deep-set rust stains out.  I tried.  I really did.   

I finally realized that he really just wanted that graphic.  I cut it out taped it to the back of the $20 on-sale frame that came complete with matting, and voila!  We are both happy.

It even matches the three dimensional Father's Day card I framed a few months back.
Both are hanging in his home office.

Mostly, though,  I'm happy that I will not have to worry about seeing my husband out and about in a nasty, old, stained shirt. 

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