Monday, September 10, 2012

Tilly and One-Eye at Virginia Beach

They tried to relax on the beach.  They really did.  First the wave hit.

 Stuffies do not like getting wet.

Then the wind pick up--picked them up!
 Still, they were holding out for that day on the beach.  Don't they look like a sweet couple.  Odd, but sweet.
Unfortunately this guy below started moving in quickly.  Tilly does look a bit like one of those giant marshmallows they're selling, and One-Eye could easily be mistaken for some sea creature.  Honestly, this bird was not cowed by my chaperoning a bit.  He was going for one of these little beasts.  I was NOT gonna be chasing a bird down the beach screaming for him to drop the stuffed animal.

Tilly and one Eye will be seeing Virginia from the balcony.


  1. Tilly and One Eye have already travelled more than I have, in their short lives - I'm envious! They look quite content on the balcony - I think it was a long day for them :D

  2. They've got me beat, too. My chances of making it to Europe are slim to nothing, so I guess it will stay that way. Frankly, I think I'd rather be on a beach anyway!

  3. Lucky little devils - bet they're so happy they made the journey from the wet old UK to sit serenely viewing the sea! Tilly looks like she's holding onto her tail for dear life in the first pic tho :) Shaz x

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