Saturday, September 29, 2012

More of the Travel Pouches--Shoe Bags

On our last trip I wished I had a few of these--

shoe bags.  Sand does have a way of creeping into every little crevice.  I didn't want to just put shoes in the suitcases.  This is much better.

I went with pink zippers this time.  The shoe bags join these other two pouches from last week.
I'm feeling so very coordinated and ready for another trip!  Brian does not share my enthusiasm about another trip, however.

Who else thinks a set of these would make a great gift??  Okay, maybe I'll tone down the bright factor for gifting.  These practically require sunglasses.

 I tried to do fancy zipper pulls.  I had these beads that I though would look so nice with the pink zippers and tropical flowers.
 See, would have been nice, huh? 
Unfortunately I know so little about beading.  The cording I bought would not fit all the way through the bead.  I stuck a large pin down through only to find that the bead was not evenly drilled through.  It got thinner and off kilter at the center.  I'm sure that really fine wire would have worked.  I have no idea, though, as to how all those beading supplies work.  I ended up with five different kinds of beading supplies--none of which work together to create a pull.  Until I figure this all out, a simple cord will do! 
I still don't quite have the zipper ends looking as they should, but each bag is getting better and easier.  Practice makes perfect, right?  By the time I finish a set for my daughter, I should have this all worked out...or not. 

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  1. The bags are great - if you're going to use them for travel purposes, you could make a nice drawstring bag (maybe with a bit of that fabric as the top?) to hold everything to keep things organized :) (Jeni @ In Colour Order has a great freebie tutorial on her blog - I've made it) Also - one thing that works really well for travelling is a little fabric basket (Ayumi/Pink Penguin size) - I keep one on the night table at hotels to hold our room card/key, our keys and our cellphones --- it's handy for the little things that tend to get lost, but which we actually use in the hotel :D

    You can enlarge the hole on the beads with a bead reamer (check the Joanns website), or even use a small drill bit if you have a drill at home! I use a Dremel when things need to be cleared out :D A lot of the cheapy wooden beads I buy have very poorly drilled holes so they need to be redrilled or reamed - the small ones are great to use on the end of that leather string - they make great zipper pulls (see my blog post of 9/27) :)

  2. Bags to put your shoes in is a great idea! I usually end up using plastic bags. Your bags are a MUCH, MUCH better idea. They look great!!!

  3. I think the shoe bag idea is brillant! I've used plastic bags that really don't help whatsoever - love this!

  4. What beautiful bags! With and without the beads :-). They are actually far too nice to put sandy shoes in...
    hugs to you

  5. What a fabulous set - I love the bright colours - perfect for holiday time :)

  6. This is really great, I would not describe it better.