Monday, September 24, 2012

A Little Pouch Sewing Yesterday!

 Both fully lined...
The boxy one at the top is from It's a Pretty Modern Life and free!  I had no trouble at all with this tutorial.  It is a great one.  I am going to be making one more of these soon.  Did I change it?  Of course.  It's an inch or two bigger in width.  Since the markings required use the ends of the fabric and measuring in a half an inch from that, changes in size are really easy--for me that's sayin' something.  I am somewhat challenged in this area as demonstrated in the second pouch.

The second one is from a Etsy pattern from Projects by Jane.  It's called the Sexy Zippy Wristlet.  I think I lost the sexy part, but consider it a bit zippy.  This one has some instructions that are great for even the really new sewer.  I still had a hard time, though, with understanding the edge sewing on each side of the zipper.  I'm sure it's me.  I have trouble with these things.  I really needed more photos to understand how to sew the edges around the zipper ends. I finally just pushed on through, but think I should have been doing it differently. 

Yes, I changed that one, too.  I always want bigger so...
instead of cutting the ends of the paper and matching the squares, I just left that extra in there.  It was easy enough to do even with the longer zipper required because, like the boxy pouch, it used a measurement in from the edge for setting the zipper.

I thought I had a metal piece to make the handle detachable, but it turned out to be too big.  I'm happy with the sewn-on handle, though.  One thing I would do next time:  cut the darts out when cutting out the pattern.  The lines there are sewing lines, so the cutting triangle would be in a quarter of an inch from there for me.  I found it cumbersome to get the darts together later with the zipper in place.  I think the cut lines would be easier for me to work through.

Thank you to sewing muse, Sandra, whose blog I "mine" for inspiration and tutorial and pattern sources. Now I've got to go visit her to find ideas for zipper pulls.


  1. I always want bigger as well - I frequently enlarge patterns by 15 or 25 or 50% :D

    Well done, Bag Lady!! When you sit down to do something, you really sit down and do it, lol! Your bags are lovely - you'll have them for your next trip, LOL!

    I've been using simple ribbon as zipper pulls for a while - my fingers ache too much to do the beaded ones right now. A simple piece of beading leather (Joanns) with a couple of wooden beads hanging off the end (also Joanns :D) is also cute, and not too fiddly for finicky fingers (ooOOoo alliteration!) :)

  2. I sometimes have trouble with the ends of the zipper. It seems to be hit and miss whether I get it right or not. Both of yours look great!!!