Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Continuing Saga of the Garden Steps Quilt

Let me begin by saying that I have grown to love everything about this quilt including my amateur stitching.  It has flourished far better than my actual garden-growing and growing!  The original kits from Clover and Violet were for six and twelve blocks.  I got the twelve block kit.  Then I decided that I wanted it to fit a bigger bed.  That would require eight more blocks.  I needed another twelve block kit. The four extra are turning into pillow shams.  Okay!  Way to turn a big project into a massive one!  So I'm down to the embroidery on the last two squares, and the quilt top is together  ready to pin. 
It is a rainy, dark day here which I am blaming for this rather dull photo.  I find that the time to fix photos is often what keeps me from blogging.  I'm trying not to be such a perfectionist.  You guys forgive me, right?  (She says as her few blogger buds hit to drop-this-blog button:-o)
Anyway back to the quilt.  Increasing the size left me with lots of blocks that needed embroidery designs.  I combed through some from Clover and Violets past projects, the internet, magazines, and books to find designs to complete the blocks.  Here are a few that will receive proper credit as soon as my life calms down to its normal frenzy.

from this site, Needlecrafter.com

From a quilting magazine that I won't look up unless you want to find it.

Another online one.

The idea is from an online source though there are lots of changes.
From a photo!  I could not find a Hosta drawing.
These are the last two that I need to finish.  I wanted a squirrel because I have an abundance in my garden.  We also have a few toads which always delight me when they turn up.  I couldn't find a drawing of a toad, though.  The tree frog in the last one will have to do.
Finished!  The squirrel is from Aneela Hooey's Little Stitches book.

Toad drawings were too detailed or dark for me to use.
 Best place I've ever sewn:
In a comfy chair on the beach.

I've got to leave you with one last photo.  I promise--last one.  It's my new favorite spot to compute.
Right now, despite the rain,  I've got a downy woodpecker, purple finch, three gold finches, house finch, too many sparrows, and a cardinal feeding.  So cool to get to watch them up close.


  1. Wow!!! That quilt is so so beautiful! What an amazing work of art. i especially love your little birdies!

  2. LOVE all the embroidery!!! It would be hard to choose a favourite. How wonderful that you get to look at a variety of finches from your window!!!

  3. Welcome home! Gorgeous quilt and embroideries - I love the little bluebird duo! Will you quilt this yourself or send it out? It's a huge job even just sandwiching a large quilt!

  4. What patience you have to make something so big! I love all your ideas for the embroidered panels, I think the squirrel will be very cute. I really envy you being able to sit and see such wonderful birds while you work - I must look up and see what a purple finch is, not sure we have those here. This morning we were lucky to have a visiting nuthatch on the feeder - to me they look a bit like tiny kingfishers :) Shaz x

  5. Good luck in the Craft Book Challenge - I see your gorgeous quilt listed in the linky party!

  6. I really enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.