Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watkins Glen Gorge Trail

They say there are 800 steps built into the Watkins Glen Gorge like these:
When you have views like these to admire and photograph, it sure doesn't seem like that many.
I read that there are nineteen waterfalls.

The Conservation Corp workers did most of the bridges and steps in the 1930s.

Okay, maybe those last three flight up will get to you if your not in shape, but there were tiny kids and lots of older people easily making their way.  Besides, you can always take the shuttle up and walk down. 

It's well worth a visit. For all it's beauty, it is a relatively short hike. We walked up and down in a couple of hours despite my constant stops for photos.  If you are staying at a State campground anywhere, show them your paperwork and you don't have to pay to get in.   A nice little extra for campers.


  1. So very pretty! I think we have the CCC to thank for a lot of our access to beautiful places! Those falls are just dizzying!