Sunday, August 18, 2013

Camping at Keuka Lake

Home again!  While we camp in a tent, we are definitely not die-hard, back-to-nature kinda people.  Our  campsites have electricity if at all possible.  I know, it's weird.  There we are in a tent with Ipods, Kindles, and phones all charging on the extension cord.  I would have brought along the Keurig, but Brian thought that was a bit much.  (I think he regrets his decision, but he won't admit it yet.) 

In the meantime this:

served nicely for a five-day trip to the Finger Lakes wine country. 

My favorite wine tasting place in the Keuka Lake area is definitely Bully Hill.

They have red grapes,

 and white grapes,

fields of grapes,

and shelves of wine!

That photo has my favorites--Sweet Walter in all its varieties.  I like my wine sweet and whoever Sweet Walter is or was, he nailed it with these.  We also stopped at a few other wineries and added another bottle here and there.  My cabinet is officially restocked! 

We didn't spend all our time wine tasting, however.  We managed a few other things--hiking and biking.  Brian did most of the biking cuz  there are more hills than I felt like conquering.  I'm more of a casual bicyclist.  I shall post about a couple of the hikes later.  There are some beautiful  trails in the area.

Must leave you with a few pics of a couple of the places we dined.  First, this beautiful upscale restaurant--Esperanza Mansion.  Great food and this beautiful view of the lake from the patio.

Then this:

 I swore I would not do it, but finally gave in.  I just couldn't leave without trying Big Doug's meaner wiener.  No bad, not bad at all.  Sweet potato fries were pretty good, too.


  1. Meaner Weiner - I wonder if they're any relation to Carlos Danger weiners, LOL!

  2. Oh, I used to enjoy the great outdoors in a tent. Don't think I would tent camp in AZ tho. Too many creepy venomous insects on the ground.
    Beautiful area, thanks for sharing photos.

  3. My sleeping on the ground days are over...but I admire you for it girl! Love the pic of you by the sign in your sassy red shoes! Is that one of the bags you made? You should come to Missouri and do the chocolate wine trail with me! So fun!

  4. ha! i love how you had electricity. we will be camping next weekend (without all the luxuries) except for a shower/bathroom! glad you enjoyed your time away and scored some pretty amazing wine. and how could the hot dogs not be good coming from a place called "meaner wiener"?!