Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pinned It and Did It!

Here is what I pinned:

When I pinned this quote, I wasn't planning on doing it or, at least, not quite this soon.  However, remember back on August 9th when I posted that I would finish the Arrested Development embroidery piece in two weeks?  Well that deadline whooshed by and this is how far I've gotten:

I had to chuckle.  My intentions were honorable, but life so very often has other plans. Embroidering on an over-sized pure white cloth while camping in a tent turned out to be a really bad idea as other tent campers will, no doubt, attest. What was I thinking?!?!  Then there was all the laundry and cleaning up of tenting stuff that took a couple of days, and the shopping to restock the kitchen.

I did get that one sentence of the embroidery done, though.  How fitting is it that it contains the word "buffoonery." Buffoonery, such a fun word, and so fitting to this pinning/embroidery experience!  I still remember learning it in elementary school.  I worked at finding every possible excuse to use it for months afterward. 

Nonetheless, I'm on a roll with this project now--two sentences are finished as I type this.  Should be done...well, soon.


  1. The good thing about self-imposed dl's is that sometimes it doesn't really matter if we're late, as long as we get cracking and git'r'done :D Now GIT'R'DONE! My goal is to have my D9P quilt done by the end of the month - I want to do finish 5 for Christmas. One is done and will be delivered by the recipient's Nonna, one will be done this month, and I hope to finish one a month for the last 3, so they're all done well in advance of Christmas. Fingers crossed!

  2. My deadlines fly by at supersonic speed these days. At least you are about to finish this one and we'll look forward to seeing it! And yes..buffoonery is a fun word!

  3. You are funny! Embroidering in a tent? Now, you have to get CREDIT for at least trying! Hats off to you! You tried. Can't wait to see it all done- you wild woman you :)

  4. Ah, yes, deadlines! Self-imposed ones are the worst, aren't they?