Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me About Ewan McGregor's "The Long Way Round"!

Am I the only one who missed this 2004 documentary?  I found it on Netflix while surfing around and love it!  Ewan and Charley Boorman going from London to New York City on BMWs by way of France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Canada, and a few other places.  I claimed a headache so I could sit and watch the whole 9 episodes in two days. 

They've made UNICEF my new favorite charity after seeing some of the work the organization is trying to do in places like Mongolia.

I'm a motorcyclist at heart.  It was the first vehicle I wanted and the first one I bought.  However, I think anyone would love watching these guy and their crew on one funny, scary, magnificent adventure.  Now I've found they did another documentary called The Long Way Round.  How do I miss these things?  The British are hiding the good stuff from us.   I hope Netflix has it streaming. I may have to get another headache.

I've not had a motorcycle since I was in my twenties.  After watching this, I am seriously thinking about getting one again.  I won't be trekking through Mongolia, but would like to see some of the Alaskan wilderness and Montana and, well, if Mongolia gets actual roads, who knows.


  1. I watched every episode of both Long Way Round and Long Way Down, when they were on TV. Have also bought the DVDs and both books. I enjoyed the books as much as the video. Love watching these guys!!! Like you, I haven't had a bike since I was in my twenties, but I've kept my licence. I have ridden a trike in recent years, though... not the same, but lots of fun. Enjoy the 2nd one!!!

  2. I missed it too and Ewan is oh-so-dreamy in my book! If you get a bike...come by here on your way to Montana. I'll tell all the secret, cool places to see there!

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