Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Year of Jogging--Care to Join me?

Day one complete!

Kiefer came home yesterday and said that a friend's mom had just successfully completed a year of jogging every single day.  Wow!  Sounds like a something that could make exercising a bit more fun.  I have a two and a half mile route around my neighborhood that I generally use for jogging.  However, I've been the queen of excuses for not getting out there on way too many days.

They say that publicly stating your goal makes it more likely you will complete it.  So here it is:  I'm gonna do it!  There is my countdown meter on the sidebar.  If I cannot make any given day, I will start the counter again.   

The only real rule is to get out there every day.  Preferably I will do it outside rain, shine, hot, or cold but not on icy days.  I've got a treadmill for the icy days.  I want to complete at least two and a half miles if not more every day. 

Only 364 more days to go!  Feel free to join me.  I'm using a counter from  It was free--free is always good.  If you know of a better one, let me know. 

I'm really not just doing this as an excuse to get new running shoes, honestly!  But, they do look a bit worn, don't they?  Poor me, I'm gonna have to go shopping for shoes! I don't know why that exclamation point is there.  I meant to use a period. 


  1. Technically, a lot of shopping can come out of this self-challenge. New jogging outfit (well, you DO need to be seen, and you DO need protection from weather), new heart rate monitor, new water bottle, new hair keeper backers, new sweat-wicking socks - yep - you could do a whole lot of damage to your wallet, should you so desire ... I mean NEED to :)

    I just started a challenge with my SIL yesterday to walk 10 miles per week - I'm only doing 5 now because I'm a LAZY LARD BUTT, so I'm planning on increasing my mileage slowly :D No jogging though - you'd feel the tremors all the way to New York, LOL!

  2. I haven't jogged in years. I may join you in walking though. First, I have to be able to draw air. Stupid ragweed. Love your counter and your commitment!