Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The "I Forgot My Phone" Solution

According to my family, I am the only person who constantly leaves the house or car with my phone still sitting in the charger.  Just in case someone else has this annoying habit, I'm sharing my solution:

I used the lettering on my machine, but there are other ways of getting lettering onto fabric.  I thought about just going with a lightning bolt, but opted for what was easiest for me.

My finished circle is 4 1/2".  As you can see I used my new toy, the low on tech but high on awesomeness SnapSetter from Snapsource.  A button with loop/buttonhole or just Velcro would work in place of a snap. 
I used a medium-stiff iron-on interfacing on both circles of fabric and top stitched after turning it right-side out.  It pops in my purse when not being used.  I'm hoping to get started on making a new bag soon cuz I CANNOT find one that fits all my needs.  This "perfect" bag will a have place where I can just snap this to the lining.

Another project off the list!

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  1. I always take my phone with me bit never turn it on, lol. This past weekend hubby caught up with me in Walmart and gave me The Look ... you know - the Why Isn't Your Phone On - I Tried Calling You look. OOPS! I should make a Turn Me On reminder! :D

  2. I leave my phone case next to my car keys, so if the phone's on the charger, the case reminds me...

  3. Now that is brilliant!! I need one for the camera too!! I am forever taking my camera and leaving the charged batteries in the wall charger!!!

  4. That's a great idea! I'm forever leaving the memory card for the camera in my computer, too!