Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fauxing up the Cabbage

First Tina Lou made faux cabbage leaves.  Then Danni took a step further making entire cabbage heads.  As Danni says, go ahead and take a look.  I'll wait.  You have to see how great theirs turned out.

Mine came out looking like lettuce rather than cabbage, but that's okay!

This was a fun project!   

I actually started putting these together while the filters were still wet because I have no patience.  It was a bit messy, but not too bad--like working with papier mache.  Once I got a filter pinned on what would be the top of the cabbage, I turned it upside down on a drinking glass and started layering the rest of the filters on,  pinning them at what would be the bottom and lower sides.  I put one last filter over all the pins and just pressed that one in place--no pinning.  I didn't do anything with the tops of the "leaves" at this point.

I let this all dry which only took a couple of hours.  Once it was dry, I took off the that last, loose filter and ran an Elmer's Glue Dot Runner all around the edges and pressed it back in place.  Then I flipped the cabbage up and used the glue dots to press in and hold all the "leaves" closer to the form rather than pinning, and kind of bent them out to look like the real thing.  The glue dots worked great--no pins are showing!  (Danni managed to do hers without the pins showing.  I'm sure she might be able to give you some advice on how to do it.  I had the glue dots and gave that a try.) 

CraftBond™ Permanent Dot Runner


  1. Wow Baye! Those are just awesome! I had no idea you could do the before they dried or I would have tried it! You so rocked this project! Glue them! Thanks for the shout out! I'm envious of your plant holder with the cute me an idea!

  2. I like to faux up the housework ... but I digress!

    Faux cabbage???!?!?! Filters ... paper mache ... drinking glasses ... I must check out your links and see where the heck THIS came from, LOLOL!!! How big are those cabbages? They look more cabbagey than lettucey to me!

  3. You mean I didn't faux it up??? I think the styrofoam balls were six inches in diameter. Danni's look more like cabbages to me, and I love the color she was able to get.

  4. How cute are those??! And I don't think they look like lettuce at all. Great job!

  5. i had to do a double-take! i've seen some creative things, but this, by far is one of the most unusual yet unique! and for the record...i think they look just like cabbage!