Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some New Bibs Finished

Lately my sewing muse, Sandra has been making bibs which reminded me that I was supposed to get some of those going, too.  Sandra's bibs are made from old jeans and have sweet designs with fabric appliques and trim.   I used old jeans but decided to let my machines do most of the decorative work by using some of the embroidery designs I had purchased from an Etsy shop and the Embroidery Library.

This first one is for the average, easy-going baby.
Etsy shop embroidery design.  Bib pattern is free from

 This next one is for the feistier baby--you know mild to moderate mood swings.
Again, Etsy shop design

The last bib is for those babies that really need cautionary labeling--like a cigarette pack.  You know the ones that throw food and/or feces around at will.
Embroidery Library design.  Okay, I have to point out that I KNOW I put the snaps on the wrong sides on this one.  Hopefully the mom will be too busy to notice.
New parents who might be reading should not worry too much about these wild babies.  Most of them turn out fine.  Take my niece for instance.  During a short nap once, she decorated herself, the crib, and the wall behind it with the contents of her diaper.  Even though her mother was nauseated by the sight, there was a little maternal pride there, too.  The kid had made her own art supplies!  Today that girl is an art teacher.  There is hope!

There you have it!  Three bibs finished thanks to Sandra's inspiration.

Once last thing--I used my new SnapSetter from Snapsource. com.  It's a low tech one that requires a hammer.  I had one like this from Joann's that was totally worthless, but the reviews for the SnapSetter were great.  I am glad I decided to give this one a try.  It's easy to use and the snaps are nice and tight. 

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  1. Oh those are great Baye! Love that middle one the most! I have never sewn much of anything. Those would make the cutest baby gifts! Great job!

  2. These bibs are beautiful, love the sayings. Your machine stitches beautifully.

  3. Cute bibs! I really like the wild thing bib!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  4. The second bib is the Mr. T bib, LOL!! Oh wait - have I just aged myself? :D

    Love the bibs - I didn't have any arty kids myself (heehee!) but a nephew, now grown, once decorated a long stretch of hallway with the same homemade supply. I can't even BEGIN to imagine cleaning that up, LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!

  5. How cute! love these!
    new follower here~~