Monday, April 1, 2013

Shopping: The Good and the Bad

Shopping!  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  This one was a winner.  I wrote a bit about it on my, "This is Me" post, and some people asked for a close-up. 
It's from an Etsy shop, M D Sparks.  The book opens and has two places for tiny photos.  I also liked the $35 price.

Now for the bad.  My son was so proud of these shorts he bought Saturday.
DKNY at a great price! 
Wait a minute.  Do you notice anything?
That pocket on the left?  It's not just folded up.  It is SEWN that way.  The mistake that every home sewer has made at one time or another--catching something in a seam.  When they reinforced the edge of the pocket at the factory, the inside pocket material wasn't folded out of the way. 

It's not a big deal in this house.  I have a seam ripper, and I know how to use it.  (I should embroider that saying on something.)  I'll rip it out and put in new reinforcement stitching on the pocket. It's probably not nice, but I kind of like seeing that even the pros mess up now and then.  It makes me feel better about my sewing failures.  I'd prefer that stores acknowledge the flaws rather than just sliding them onto the sale rack, though.

 Feel free to use this as a cautionary tale when trying to train the males in the family to try on the freakin' clothes before buying them.   Stop laughing!  As we approach our 30th anniversary, my husband almost always tries on clothes before buying as long as I'm there with him and insist.  


  1. Oh thank you for showing that necklace! Love steampunk and hope to have a little myself someday! It's fascinating stuff in any form! You are so funny...I hope you make that sign about the seam ripper!! Unfortunately I'm an ace at seam ripping.

  2. Your necklace is gorgeous! Even more so than your son's pants :-). John always buys stuff without trying it on, and then he doesn't give it back. Half his cupboard is full of clothes that don't fit...

  3. Into everybody's life a little froggy stitching must occur - the store may not have noticed the problem (she says hopefully!) - at least it's easily fixed!

    Pretty necklace :)