Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kindle Cover Completed!

After I admitted to Sandra of Sandra Sews that I have been wrapping my new Kindle in a piece of fabric when I take it out with me, she issued a challenge.  By this Friday, I would complete a Kindle cover.  Sandra will be making a baby dress.  I need to be challenged more often.

Okay, I did use the simplest design I could possible come up with.  If you are familiar with my blog, you should know by now that I am the queen of rectangle sewing.  This is two rectangles of fabric with a heavy interfacing between.  I sewed around the flap edge, then flipped the bottom up to form a pocket, and sewed those edges. 
I probably should have used a Velcro closure, but I just love these new snaps.  To get around the problem of pressing on the Kindle screen when closing the snap, I just need to put it in with the screen facing the back.
The pack of assorted snap colors hasn't failed me yet.  Look at that pretty yellow snap!

Sandra is trying out a new-to-her pattern for the dress.  Okay, Sandra, I'm all set to put the link to that new dress right "here"!


  1. Much better than a piece of fabric!!! The colours are great, even down to the matching fastener.

  2. Your Kindle cover is gorgeous - a YELLOW snap - how perfect is that! Now your Kindle will be stylin :D The little case I use for my cellphone has a snap on it and I just put the phone in backwards too - it's fine :D

    I FINISHED THE DRESS! I have no idea how it will look on a live human being, but it looks pretty cute on a panda bear, LOL!

    Time for another challenge - apparently we both work well when faced with a deadline ... HA!!!

  3. It's so pretty!!! I'm actually looking for a cover for my Nook right now. I have a bunch of tabs open comparing prices

  4. Thank you! i am also wrapping my kindle into pieces of fabric, and this is just the inspiration i need! yours came out so beautifully! hugs, jutta

  5. That is just one snappy cover!! (sorry...couldn't resist) Are you trying to get me to face my fears and sew something??