Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Continuing Saga of the Fake Veggies

After making the cabbages from coffee filters, I saw these twine-covered carrots on Rachel's  Holy Craft blog.  My cabbages needed some carrots.

I shaved off the sharp edges of the Styrofoam pieces which was messy but not too hard.  Just pressing in the foam a bit helped a lot with smoothing it all out.  I used straight pins with tiny heads to hold the jute in place.  Placing the pins close to Styrofoam so that they are covered by the next round of jute worked out well.

The jute got "dyed" with watered down orange paint.  I'd say that process was semi-successful.  Actual dye might have been brighter, but, I like this dull, mottled look. While I was dying the jute, I also spooned some of the watery paint on the Styrofoam forms, too.  Didn't want any white spots showing through!
This whole mess was left to dry overnight by a heater vent.

After stealing a couple of stems from one of my plastic plants for tops we have some lovely carrots to go with the cabbages. 

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  1. You could also make parsnips if you used a different colour of paint! Love the carrots - as a carrot top ... I APPROVE ;)

  2. Oh these are awesome! I would have never thought to use fake plants for the tops. Clever girl! I just put my cabbage away with my Easter stuff...but I pinned this to remind me to try it!! What's next on the faux veggie agenda???

  3. These are amazing and adorable!! What a fantastic idea. Just pinned. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. So thrilled to have you share with us. New GFC follower, too! Already following on bloglovin'! :) Have a great day!