Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wish the Bungee Cords as Handles Had Worked But...

There were some glaring problems.  First, the cords just didn't look right with the fabrics I chose.
The fabric was just too...word to use...elegant, fancy or something like that.  The idea for the bungees came from a book where they used a more industrial kind of fabric.  Adding to the uglies, the silver metal and threads in the bungee fabric cover really clashed with the gold designs on the fabric. What was I thinking! Well, I was just focused on the fact that the black hooks and red in the bungees were perfect.  Yeah, dumb.
Last problem with the bungees--horrific odor!  It was migraine inducing bad odor that would not go away.  I first tried leaving them in a baggie filled with baking soda for days.  I realized a day into that experiment that the smell had permeated the bag and was wafting into the kitchen.  Then I left them outside for several days.  Didn't work.  They smelled just as bad as the day they arrived.  There are some beautiful solid black bungees with gold hooks online that I think might look great, but I fear they may also have the odor problem. 

To save this project, I decided to change to webbing tied through the loops created for the bungee cords.  Worked!
It's nylon webbing that I heat-sealed to prevent fraying. 

 Love the way the inset zipper worked out.  It's nice and snug.

I like it, but I really, really wanted a bungee cord bag.  Anyone know a source for bungees that don't make you gag when held within a few feet of the nose?


  1. I imagine you can get non-stinky bungee cords locally @ $stores, hardware stores or Walmart type stores. You know I feel your pain about the stench - at least 1/4 of my ribbon so far has been fragranced with the delightful aroma of petrochemicals and dead sea monkeys. UGHHHH. The bungee cord idea for a bag is darn cute - what about doing it on a denim or canvas bag - something "practical" instead of pretty? Love how the inset zipper worked out - that's something I need to try. Had we discussed those little metal tooth thingies that can be used on the end of zippers? They might be a pretty way to nicely finish off the raw edges of the webbing, depending on how it's being used :D (I'm off to peel potatoes for supper so I'm going to be lazy and not proof-read my comment, LOL)

  2. Love the red and black fabric, but yes, maybe a less delicate fabric, such as denim, might suit the straps. Good save with the webbing. Have never heard the term bungee straps. We call them ocky straps.