Monday, March 23, 2015

I See Brown!

The river is still frozen, but look at that brown!  Mud season is just around the corner! We still have a lot of snow by our house, though.  It will take a while to melt down those snowbanks,
 but areas that didn't get that extra pile-up of snow are way down.  I am most interested to see how long it is going to take to melt that solid block of ice on top of the pool cover.
What a winter here!  It's been pretty sometimes,
 and it has been the best year for icicles EVER.
 The term "gripping cold" came to mind when I saw this one with it's two graspy little fingers.
Spring is, however, on the way!  Kyle, our son who lives three hours south of here in New York City, says they have some actual green there.   I held off on changing over the chalkboard from the St. Patrick's design to something for Easter as long as I could.  The deal was that I would remove the snowman if I saw even one crocus.  Didn't happen.  Unfortunately, with Easter arriving early this year and spring taking a particularly leisurely stroll northward, there is little chance that the snow will be gone for the big day. So here's the snowbunny wishing you a happy Easter from a still quite snowy northeastern New York!


  1. Amazing icicles. I love to see your Winter pictures, but I know I would miss seeing green for more than a week.

  2. And Happy Almost Easter from "Spring may actually be here ... sorta ... kinda ... maybe temporarily, but the sun is shining and the snow is starting to melt even though it can still [and probably will still] snow ..." Ontario! I had lots of plans for Easter crafting but as per usual, I got done about 25% of what I wanted to accomplish :D However, 25% is better than 0%! I got my carrot tablerunner done, and so far I have 8 little bunny treat bags made - 7 more are cut out, and 4 of those are started (ears stitched :D) - I'm not doing too badly! The sun shining so nicely has made me less grumpy and far less moribund (isn't THAT a great word!) than I was for most of the winter :) I'm in such a good mood I may even go buy some keychains or ribbons on ebay - I wonder if that's lots of fun? ;)

  3. P.S. We should invite Pam to our neck of the woods during the dead of winter to see the crap we have to deal with for months on end, LOL!!! Then she could invite us to see some of their famous Aussie critters and crawlies - YIKES! ;) I'm going to tell her to come back and check the messages so she can read this, LOL! *waves @ Pam* :)

    1. Wouldn't we three have fun, Winter or Summer. I'm imagining sitting in front of a cosy log fire, wine, sewing and lots of laughter, looking out the window, past the icicles, to a picturesque, snow covered view. Never mind the reality... LOL!!!

  4. Don't forget the wine ... and the chocolate ... and the wine ... and maybe some chocolate ... oh - and definitely some chocolate! And poolboys! Snow? What snow??!! :)