Sunday, March 1, 2015

Art Recycling Part 3 - Happy St. Pat's Day!

Yes, that is my Christmas snowperson turned into a Valentine snowperson, now turned into a St. Pat's Day snowman.  Brian wants to know if I will have a pile of white with a flag sticking out for Independence Day.  Maybe.  At the rate we keep getting snow and temperatures hovering way below freezing every single day, I may still rightfully have the snowperson for that particular day.  It will definitely be there for Easter.  I'm picturing a basket of colorful eggs hanging off that stick arm. 


  1. He is very Irishly festive :) With the windchill it was -8C today - positively BALMY. I went into the beer store with hubby - I returned the empties while he was picking his beer - the young man @ the cash register said that everybody he had seen this morning/early afternoon was smiling because of the weather - it's just a gorgeous winter (but with a touch of spring in the air) day :) We still don't have any above freezing days in the forecast, but this is definitely a heat spell in contrast to the crap we've been dealing with for the last month + :D

  2. Look at you still having fun with that cute snowman! I would like to think that by April...everyone's snow will be gone.