Monday, March 16, 2015

Edgy Pouches and Bits of Bling

I finally got a bit of sewing done!  I had a hankering for some new pastel pouches for an upcoming trip.  Despite using a stabilizer on the lining and quilting batting to the top fabric, it was still looking a bit floppy.  I thought about top stitching the four corner edges for more stability. decided not to take the chance of ruining it, remembered my New Year's resolution to step out of my comfort zone, and ended up top stitching every single edge about 1/8th inch in.  I like it! 
Then I decided to try a square pouch. I only used a decorative stitch down the center for the batting on the top fabric which I regret.  I think more quilting would look better.  The pale thread for the decorative stitching was not a great choice since it's barely visible.  Won't do that again.  Love the edge stitching, though.
Also love the double bits of ribbon at the zip ends.

I tried out the new metal pieces I ordered for making ribbon key rings.
Yup, forgot to put the clip on the second one.  I was so busy lining up the extra piece of ribbon on top that I forgot the most important piece.  The metal crimps worked beautifully.  I need to find a little silvery charm for the hole at the top.  These key chains cannot, however, compare to the blingy key chains I ordered on eBay to use as zipper pulls for larger totes.  This first one is going on the bag I made with the Japanese fabric a couple of weeks ago.  Lucky Cat!
This batch arrived in today's mail.  OMG! I LOVE BLING.
This guy is my favorite.  I'm not sure of the meaning behind a frog with a lucky gold coin in its mouth,  but I find it particularly appealing. I shall let you know if he bring me any luck.
As for achieving the New Year's resolutions:
  • All the fabric, interfacing, and batting were from the stash ✔
  • used some of the  ribbon from my recent ribbon-buying binge✔   
  • tried some new things with the ribbon crimps, square pouch, and the edge stitching ✔


  1. I love these pouches and ribbon key rings! Look at you blowin through your resolutions and travelin outside of your comfort zone. (Do you need a passport for that?) I think the blingy key chains are just awesome and will make great funky zipper pulls. You go girl!

  2. Well done on stepping outside your comfort zone. Doesn't it feel good when the project is a success and you've been creative in the process. Great idea to add the topstitching. I'll have to invest in some of those ribbon crimps. I've seen them used as zipper tabs instead of a square of fabric.

  3. WOW. Just WOW! I would never have thought of edge stitching the boxy bags like that - I liiiiiiiiiike it - it really gives the boxy shape definition! It also never occurred to me to do double ribbon for the tabs - that just went into my To Do file - I've made a few boxy bags in my day so this will be a cute addition :D LOL @ forgetting the hardware on that one key ring - just cut the top off (I assume you'll have to throw away the hardware - or can it be saved?) and make it a bit shorter - I've definitely BTDT on multiple occasions :D Sometimes I get p*ssed off and throw the whole thing away - sometimes I laboriously froggy stitch, or take the shorter route and cut and redo :D LOVE LOVE LOVE the bling - now where would you get an idea to buy such fun goodies *she asks with a grin* ;) I have the pink penguin!! I may have one of those zebras as well :D My favourite is the kitty, of course, but I really like that coin-eating frog - he seems like he'd be a fun guy :D I'm glad that so many of these pendant products are now coming as keyrings instead of necklaces - way more practical for what I use them for :D

    Ya did good!!