Saturday, June 9, 2012

Denim Button Basket

So the sewing muse (aka Sandra of Suddenly Sandra) mentioned  making fabric baskets from denim and this picture of my denim scrap pile came to mind:
Actually I only had to look in the corner of the sewing room to see this.  I took my stash of scrap denim out about a week before when I was thinking that I really should do something with it.  It was supposed to turn into a rag quilt long ago.  Stealing Sandra's ideas has become a habit, so here is my new button basket!
I liked the idea of "labeling" the button basket with buttons.  

My previous button storage:

Okay, maybe I do buy too many buttons.  
My plan was to use my twin needle again, but you know how plans go.  I broke the needle on the first row! My own fault, too.  Must remember to make sure the needle is screwed in tightly in the future.  Instead, I used a simple decorative stitch to attach the batting to the denim.  The dimensions are the same as I used for the Asian fabric basket in the last post, 24x18 1/2 inches,  I left the handles off this basket, but I miss them.  The new denim ribbon basket will have handles--with ribbons, of course.  Check out Sandra's blog for her fabric baskets and a link to the original tutorial here.
It's not even full.  I may have to get more buttons while I'm shopping for a new twin needle or two.


  1. Awesome denim fabric basket!!! Love the decorative stitching.

  2. Oh I love that! I love buttons too! I have never made a sewn basket before. I hope there are some instructions at Suddenly Sandra. I'm off to check her out! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It turned out so cute! Love the button touches :)
    <3 Christina
    Wildly Original Round Up party is open!

  4. I LOVE THAT! I love how you embellished it --- don't be too surprised if I make one that's eerily similar to yours - LOL!!! Thanks for noting what size fabric you used - I'll try to remember to do that as well in my blog posts - it's good for people reading your blog post who might want to make a similar bag (I always like having sizes/measurements right there for me to use or adjust), and a good reminder for when you make another one. It would also be easy to size up or down knowing what the original size was :D

  5. P.S. Not sure how much sewing I'll be able to do this weekend - I bought new curtain panels for both boys' rooms and for the 3 big windows in our kitchen - the kitchen ones all need to be resized and "rejigged" with theme fabric, all 4 panels for one boy's room need to be shortened, and all the windows/frames/sills etc. need a heavy-duty cleaning. We bought new curtain rods for the kids' rooms so those have to be installed too. We'll finish the boys' rooms this weekend, then I can work slowly on the kitchen stuff - the hardware is already up so the rest of the work is mine, lol.

  6. What a great idea using denim for baskets, love the embellishments too.

  7. Great use for old jeans! I love all the buttons on it too. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.