Thursday, June 28, 2012

Branch Pencils!

Look what I found at Marshall's for $5.99.
Are these not the coolest colored pencils ever?  Sometimes I like to sketch out a quilty idea.
These will get to stay out on the desk for those times.  Even the box is beautiful.  It looks like handmade paper.  I thought they might be a bit uncomfortable, but they're not. 

These points will require some whittling rather than a pencil sharpener, but that's okay.  It appeals to my outdoorsy/craftsy side.  Doesn't everyone have a pen knife on their key chain?  Just me, huh?
The package says they are eco friendly, from sustainable wood and all that.
I've been playing outside today with some other things I found at Marshall's.  I shall post about it later today or tomorrow.  Busy, busy, busy!


  1. Oh heavens those are cute - hubby is taking me Stateside this coming long weekend (he's working on the Saturday and he felt bad, so he offered me a Buffalo trip on Sunday - what a nice guy!) - I checked and there are several Marshalls stores in the Buffalo area - I've never been in one, but if we have time I'll check them out - I'd love to pick up some of those pencils for gifts :D

  2. Are you kidding me? 6.00?! Those are awesome! I wonder if my Marshalls has them? I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Oh, I almost forgot I was so excited about the pencils, you won The Black Shard book!! Send me your address and I'll let Victoria know.
    You are so lucky with giveaways!

  3. I GOT THEM!!! I got 2 boxes, and have put them away for Christmas gifts :) What a great store - it's like our Canadian Winners stores!! I'll be checking it out every time we go to Buffalo now, lol!

    We used American dollar coins to pay for our purchase - the cashier looked at them, and asked another cashier if they should be rung up as "regular money or if I need to do something special". D'OH!!!

  4. I found the same ones in a china shop here in namibia some time ago. they must have been the only thing in the shop not made of plastic :-)

  5. Awesome pencils!!! Love the fact that they're made from fruit trees!!!

  6. The pencils are awesome, I will be keeping a look out for some like that in Australia.
    I love the bird bath, will be interested to see how the one with water goes.

  7. The blue birdbath is working out great. An added bonus is that the water condensed on the bottom of the plate looks like large bubbles that sparkle in the sunshine. We're in the midst of a mini drought which has made the birdbaths very popular with the birds. Hope you can find the pencils!

  8. Oh, how cool are they! Have to admit I looked at your photos before reading and thought you'd made them ;) I agree, the box looks great too. Saz x