Monday, June 18, 2012

Lucy's on a Diet

This is Lucy, my mother's cat.
She weighs 25 pounds!  Lucy has been on a diet for a week now.  Hence, the annoyed look.  We had an intervention to get my 94-year-old mother to stop overfeeding the cat.  She swears that Lucy does not eat too much!  Since I'm buying the cat food, I will have a little control here.  How strange to be in the position of telling a parent that she has to behave!

Lucy isn't speaking to me right now.  She just turns away.  That may be because walking away would involve too much effort.

Wish Lucy luck!  I'll let you know how she's doing. 


  1. OH sweet Lucy - it's going to be a rough ride!

    Lucy is going to be one p'd off cat --- just wait! Zoomer is on a diet too, although Lucy has him beat in the weight department, lol. He started at 18.7 pounds - the vet is worried he'll get diabetes. We've had to restrict him to 2/3 cup of food a day and believe me - he gets MAD some days. Ever have a cat bite at your ankles because you walk AWAY from the kitchen instead of towards it? Some days he starts to meowl 5 minutes after I feed him - he makes me feel like a terrible kitty momma, lol. In 3 months he's barely lost half a pound - I'm the only one that feeds him so I know exactly how much food he's getting - he just doesn't MOVE! We try to get him to play but he just lays there like a gorgeous purring lump of kitty :D I believe I'm going to be mostly GREY by the time we get a few pounds off of him!

    Lucy you're a beautiful girl but for your health you definitely need to drop a few - you and Zoomer CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Lucy's most strenuous activity is walking to the kitchen to eat!

    The good news is that she's getting a lot less fussy about what she will eat. When that little bit is all you are getting, I guess it starts to look pretty good.

  3. Oh my, i so feel for Lucy! BUT she will feel so much better afterwards...
    Strength to both of you (my cat makes an allmighty noise if she wants food, very difficult to ignore....)

  4. I know how she feels. I am 81 and my dogs are my kids and fussy eaters. They are a little over weight. They weigh about 15 lbs which is about their limit for size. The problem is they don't get enough I can't walk them. I have been looking at your projects. Love the quilt and bag and towels.

  5. Oh dear, she does look cross! Our vet keeps warning us that our cat Tog is becoming overweight. It's so difficult not to feed him when he asks for it though - he's very vocal just like Jutta's cat. He tries to trip me up too by running straight across my path and trying to steer me towards his bowl! Good luck :)