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Friday, August 20, 2010

Two New Sock Animals

These are sock animals rather than creatures.  I got both of them from Daniel's Stray Sock Sewing Book--the first one, not Stray Sock Sewing, Too. Here is the lovely white rabbit. 

I love the way the head came out and the frilly neck.  The body, though, is lacking something.  It's just misshapen and I cannot figure out what to do about it.  Next time, I'm going to cut it at the point where the legs go on and sew legs in separately.  Still, he has a beautiful face!  He gets to stay.  

I tried to find out the White Rabbit's name from Alice's Wonderland.  Apparently, it was White Rabbit.  That just won't do.  Someone thought it was Herald, but that, according to someone else, was his job not his name.  The spelling makes that kind of obvious.  I'm going to use it for my white rabbit's name anyway. I like the name and the spelling so this guy is Herald. 

This little pig was done almost exactly as Daniel's version.

I gave mine a curly tail.  I can't imagine why Daniel didn't.  A pig just has to have a curly tail!

Isn't that a great face!  You create a ball with the end of one sock and pull the top of another sock over.  (As I'm looking at the picture right now, I'm thinking those ears would make great horns.)    The idea of putting in balls of stuffing for the legs and sewing them in place was interesting.  It worked well, but I think I might try stacking circles of felt or fleece the next time.  It will be easier to create uniform shapes that way.

These are numbers 22 and 23 of the 30 I should have completed long ago!  I really want to try a few more of these pigs.  There are a variety of ways to do them in the book. There is also a fish made in much the same manner.  I want to try that too.  Now if I could just create a few extra hours in each day! It's nice to get a few things finished, though.

The new job is just sucking up my time.  Without a dedicated desk/phone/computer, I still have to do a lot of the work at home.  I'm not good at setting boundaries, though.  I tend to keep working way longer than I should.  Good news is that it is a year-long grant!  I'll be finished on June 10th!!!  (Lesson learned here is to be sure the place of employment actually has room and equipment for you before taking on the job.) 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sock Creatures #18, 19,20, and 21 have arrived

I've been playing around with new ways of sewing the limbs on and some pointy ears with this bunch.  Daniel's book, Stray Sock Sewing:  Making One of a Kind Creatures from Socks has a technique for rounding the head I wanted to try.  I am trying to eliminate the no-neck look on some of my creatures.  Daniel's method of gathering and sewing the head into a ball seemed like it might work, and it was better. Al Bino shown below does have a nicely rounded head and some definition in the neck.

His legs just didn't look right so I sewed them into what looks like a kneeling position.  He does look kind of cute that way.

Here was the next try:

I do like this one named Phee Lexa after Felix the Cat whom she does look a bit like.  I am fond of the pointed ears and the cutesy sweater.  I ordered a bunch of different eyes from CR's Crafts online that I used on this batch.  I found this company when surfing the net looking for different kinds of eyes for my creatures.  These were the owl eyes.  The have lovely swirling lines through the gold-colored area.

I'm doing a bit of hand embroidery as well as hand sewing some of the head and limbs on this batch.

My next one was a royal pain.  I HATED IT!  Because I was putting a growler in it, (the thing that makes a mooing noise when you turn it upside down and then back),  I thought the torso needed to be longer. It ended up looking just plain misshapen.   I just could not leave it like that so I took scissors to it cutting out an inch or so in the mid-section and sewing it back together.  She's wearing a tutu to cover the scar.

She's actually much more attractive in person.  She's  Anna Catlova.

For the last one,  I sewed crescent shapes into each side of the head in addition to using Daniel's gathering method for closing.

I think this one was the most successful in getting some curve from head to neck..  Since she's got sculls and crossbones on her arms and chest, she is Lydia the Tattooed Baby named  from the song, Lydia the Tattooed Lady.

Nine more to go!  Then I can do some in other fabrics.  Do go take a look at CR's Crafts.  There are so many fun things.  In addition to a bunch of different eyes and a couple of growlers, I got a doll's wig  and some of the nerdiest little glasses.  Now I've got to figure out how to sew on ears and a nose to hold the glasses up.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The 16th and 17th Sock Creatures AND pouches

I decided to try a few pouches after coming upon the 3 Bears  tutorial for a "boxy pouch."  These are my first ones, and I will admit they need some work.  However, they are usable. I do apologize for the pictures.  They need some work as well.  The new camera is proving to be a challenge.

This pouch should have been rectangular.  I didn't have a zipper long enough, though.  I did, however, have five shorter zippers so this boxy pouch really is boxy. 

For the second one, I resorted to my usual habit of changing the rules.  I tried to keep the rectangular shape by sewing the zipper in the center and sewing the corners at 1- 1/2 inches rather than the three inches used by 3 Bears.

Lessons learned:  First, I need to use a heavier fabric or use a stiffer interfacing to make it sturdier.  The first one had some light  iron-on interfacing and the second was a mid-weight cotton.  Neither one is really heavy enough, though.  Second, I really need to try this with the longer zippers that were suggested.  I'm just going to have to get to Joann's this week!

On the sock creature front,  here is the first one.

It came about because I wanted to use up some of the scraps, and I do like those little red button eyes.  (I really do need to figure out the new camera.  These pictures suck.) I have named her Skye Bleu Pynk.

The second one is a combination of ideas I found in Stray Sock Sewing:  Making One of a Kind Creatures from Socks by Daniel.

Is she not adorable?  I really should name her after Daniel, so, continuing in the new style of mutilating names and the spelling of names, this is Dan'E-ella.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Sewing Complete and Then Some!!

My house may need some cleaning, but I did finish the weekend sewing projects.  First, I finally got around to replacing the too-short handles on the slouch bag.  It is now perfect!

This bag fits around the body perfectly.  It's from Akiko Mano's book "Linen, Wool, and Cotton."  As I mentioned in my previous post on this bag, the only problem with the book is that does not come with an errata sheet.  That is an easy fix, however, if you know where to look online for the necessary changes.  My original post about this bag has the online source.  I love the book.  I love the projects.  I don't love having to find out the hard way that there are errors in it.  'Nuf said.

The next bag is from "Simple Gifts to Stitch:  30 Elegant and Easy Projects" by Jocelyn Worrall. It's the bag on the cover.

Simple Gifts to Stitch: 30 Elegant and Easy Projects

The alternating stripes were more than I could resist.  I was worried that this bag wouldn't be big enough, but the size turned out to be great.

Look at the number of books, etc. this thing holds!   It makes a great library bag.  I know this because it had it's first trip there today.

I think I like it better in the fabric on the book cover.  While I love the pink fabric, the irregular stripes don't show the alternating stripe patterns as well.  I followed the pattern completely--a novel idea for me.  (Okay, okay, ALMOST completely.  The handle fabric is not going in the right direction.  I just didn't want to cut into the large piece fabric to make the handles, so I used a leftover piece going in the other direction.  I have another piece of matching floral fabric.  I want to make another bag using the stripes and floral.)

My last project for the weekend was to do another of the oh-so-late sock creatures.  I did TWO!  These two are numbers 14 and 15.  I am truly halfway there!  I used baby socks.  Instead of being easier as I thought it would be, it was harder working with smaller socks.  Here's the first one.

She's actually quite small except for the head.  That's why I've named her N'Se-Phyllis.  Things learned from this one:  I need to put the eyes farther forward and/or make them larger.  Or, maybe I could sew a line across under the eye area to push the snout down.  It's hard to see the eyes with that big snout.  She's much like one of my previous ones, just smaller.

As so often happens when I have housework to do, I decided to keep working with some of those little socks.  I wanted to try doing some antennae.  That word looks so weird, I looked it up to be sure it was right.  Yes, that is the plural for antenna.  I also wanted to try some octopus-like legs.  So, here's what was born of the venture:

I could only fit four legs on.  I am really happy with this guy.  He's definitely a true creature, a Cycloptopus.  He's named after the cyclops in the Odyssey, hence he is called Beta Polyphemus.

I'm enjoying the heat immensely!  If summers were about two months longer and always this hot, I might consider staying in New York when the hubster retires.......naaaahhhh.  The only time I've ever liked snow was when I was sitting in a ski lodge next to the roaring fire in front of a huge picture window waving to the children as they trudged past on their skis.

I'm hooking up to:

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Week in Sock Creatures

I've fallen behind on my sock creatures.  As a means of covering my butt, I will point out that, thankfully, I did say "thirty days or so"  on my original post about this (or words to that effect).  I got four done this week. I've decided to go for quality rather than finishing on time.  My excuse:  I've joined Americorps.  (That "s" on the end just seems wrong to me, but that's the name.)  Americorps now have a volunteer program open to everyone from college students through retirees.  I'm serving half-time as a volunteer coordinator for an elder care facility.  In any case, here are the four completed this week.

This is #10.  He's Homer Simpson's evil twin.  Don't you think they bear a resemblance or is it just me?  I've named him Gomer.  This was my first attempt at teeth.  I think it went well.  The problem I have with this one is that it completely lacks symmetry.  I love symmetry.  It's hard to get when using leftovers from other creature ventures, though.  The Stupid Sock Creatures book has some rather rustic looking ones, too.  This one actually looks good in comparison.  It's growing on me.

Number eleven:

It's definitely part hamster.  From the back you can see the coordinating sock used for the underside.

I'm particularly pleased with the ribbon tongue.

I'm doing more of the sewing around the mouth and closings by hand which looks much better.  A mistake with this one was using loose stuffing without any batting.  It's lumpy looking.  Next time I'll wrap batting around stuffing and squeeze that in.  Since she, like Bob the Blob, is rather nondescript, she has been named Bobbette the Blobbette.

Number 12:

I like this one, but it is totally different than it was supposed to be.  Those flippers were supposed to be wings.  Everyone thinks they look like flippers including me.  I placed them too far back.  I also should have put something inside to stabilize the flipper/wings since they rippled a good bit.   I sewed about a quarter of an inch in along the edge of the flipper/wings and another line about a half inch from that to try to get rid of the rippling effect.  They are better but still not flat.  To get something resembling wings next time,  I will use some stiff interfacing.

I love the tongue sticking out.  It kind of resembles something prehistoric.  Name:  Sarah Jurassica Parker.

And last, #13:

Originally I was going to have the ribbons sticking out all the way around.  Because they are several inches long, however,  I soon realized that it would be nearly impossible not to catch the edges in the other side.  I'd like to try this again with shorter ribbon pieces.  It was late when I was doing it, though, and there was no way I was going to start cutting the ribbons down.  Name:  Whiskaretta.  I am sure if sock creatures could sing, this one would have a whiskey tenor.

Goals 10, 11, 12, and 13:  complete!  I'm almost halfway there!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ninth Sock Creature is Here!

This one is already named:  Eelinore.

She does appear to be part eel, hence the name.  My knowledge of eels is pretty much limited to knowing they exist and reading tiny bits about them in books.  I'm thinking eels would not have that food bulge, though. Yes, I did that bulge on purpose.  Those who have seen Eelinor hint that I just stuffed her poorly.  That is NOT true.   The stuffing shows through in the picture but not when you see her in person--or should I say in creature?

I'm particularly fond of her multifaceted gold eyes.

I'm feeling kind of guilty for not using sock fabric for the back ridge.  Frankly, my sock supply just did not have something that would give the right effect.  The blue sequins are spectacular. 

The eyes are kind of insect-like and the belly bulge more along the line of snake.  I think those features combined with the eel-ish shape and back ridge qualify Eelinor as a true creature.  Goal 9:  completed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 7 Goal: Completed But...

I did finish the sock creature yesterday, but I had to sleep on it (not literally!) to come to terms with the results.  My intention was to create one from the winking Betsey Johnson socks again.  I had two reasons for this.  First, I bought two pairs of these socks for a grand total of four faces.  I have to use them up.  Second, I was thinking about Rue McClanahan who just passed away.  I loved her in The Golden Girls. While I didn't get to see the show often when it was first on,  it was always good when I did.  I happen upon reruns of it all the time now when channel surfing, and it stands the test of time well. 

Rue's character, Blanche,  was what my niece, Binnie, would call sophisticated with a touch of sleaze.  My intention with this creature was to honor Rue by making a doll-ish creature that would also be sophisticated with a touch of sleaze.  Unfortunately, my sewing is much like my bowling.  The results are seldom what I intended.  I have just as much chance of getting a strike as a gutter ball.  Amazingly, I never improve from that.  I joined a bowling league once.  Everyone assured me I would get better.  That didn't happen, and  I was not invited back the next year.

I can kind of understand the bowling (and tennis).  I lack depth perception.  Both my eyes work, just not together.  Sewing, though, I do not understand.  Yesterday's creation should have been an improvement from the first face sock.  I tried to give this one a neck.  The garish coordinating socks were changed to a floral for the torso and arms.  This one has more hair to eliminate the punk look.  I made sure she wouldn't look naked by making the legs the same color as the face and putting a skirt on her.

Somehow, though, I missed the sophistication entirely.  This one looks like an older alcoholic housewife after a serious binge.  How I managed to make the very same face that is on Charlotte the Harlot look so different I do not know.  I've named her Betsey the Boozer.  The Betsey is, of course, for Betsey Johnson.  I think she should bear some responsibility for these off-the-mark characters.  So here it is:

Unintentionally, I left some of the oxox Betsey signature the socks have on the neck area on the doll.  It came out as, "xox ETSY" which I find rather amusing.  Can you just see the Regretsy people finding this on Etsy?  They would have a field day presenting this to their followers.  If  you have somehow not used Etsy or seen Regretsy, just click one of those words.  I've linked them all.  I just love creating links.  Etsy is an online mega-store where people can create their own smaller stores for selling handmade items.  Regretsy is an online site presenting  the bizarre and just plain bad items listed on Etsy.  By and large, Etsy has incredibly wonderful items from very creative people.  Everything I've purchased has exceeded my expectations on arrival. 

So based on past experience, I should  unintentionally over-compensate with today's creature making something that resembles a baby toy rather than a creature.  The only thing I can guarantee, however,  is that whatever does happens, it will be unintentional.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Success! A True Sock Creature

Attempt #6 was  a success, I true creature.  And it was finished by 5 p.m.!

Is it acceptable to make the legs from mini boas rather than socks?  I've not seen any official rules for what constitutes a true sock creature.  The boas were supposed to be for a Charlotte the Harlot (she was creature #4, I think), but they make perfect legs for this one.  Obviously, the name had to be Bo'a-Dora.  I don't know why so many people are putting all the apostrophes and hyphens in names, but I am going with it.

I like the way the head stands up:

And that his mouth is underneath.

I got Zombieland from Netflix today and my night is free.  Life is good.

Removing the "Creature" From Sock Creature

I'm sorry to say that, once again, I've left the making of the new creature until 10 o'clock at night.  I'm a morning creator.  My goal, however,  is a sock creature a day for 30 days, and I will see it through.  This one actually looks far too tame to be called a creature.  Yesterday's looked like a harlot.  Today's looks like baby toy.  I'm almost ashamed to show it.  I promised to show the good and the bad, though, so here it is.

Turns out she is a gymnast.  I dropped her and look how she landed:

I did get to try out some of the safety eyes and a nose on this one. For some reason these are called safety eyes, but the package says they are not intended for children under three because of small parts.  I have searched the net for safe safety eyes, but they don't seem to exist.  In any case,  my first time using these was the larger cats eyes on #3, "Aunty."  It makes me nervous to cut the hole in the fabric to insert the stem.  With these small eyes, it was particularly nerve wracking.  I think the pressure of starting a project at 10 at night that I really want to finish THAT day might be contributing to the nerves.

Okay, goal #5 is complete! I've named her Mary Kay in honor of that cosmetics lady with a thing for pink.  Starting tomorrow I promise to put the creature into my sock creatures.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yesterday's Sock Creature--It's Betsey Johnson's Fault

I left the sock creature job until late in the day which is never a good idea.  The scarf from my last post took priority since it was needed for yard work.  Yes, I have the flowered scarf, but it did not match my brown t-shirt.

So here is the new creation:
Oh, she's from socks all right,  Betsey Johnson socks.

There is the oxox Betsey signature still visible on the other sock.

Frankly, I'm disappointed.  The words cheap, hussy, floozy, and broad come to mind when looking at her.  It's as though I've started a whole new line of red light district creatures.  I wrapped some ruffled edging to make her a dress because she looked--well--so naked.  It's obvious, though, that she would look more appropriate in sequins, silk,  leather, feathers, and/or possibly tulle.  These are not fabrics in my collection that usually puts out utilitarian items and baby stuff.  The white silk makes her look like a tart dressed as a school girl. Now I'm going to have to go to Joann's to buy some new fabric.  (Okay, so I guess something good has come of it.)

Because the designs are weaved into the cloth, these socks have all those loose threads inside.  It was a bit more challenging for sewing and stuffing, but just a little.    Other than that and the fact that clothing becomes almost a necessity,  it is as easy to make a bawdy bimbo as any other creature.

Day 4 Goal:  Completed

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thirty Days or So of Sock Creatures

Off topic for a minute, we bicycled from Glens Falls to Lake George and back today.  Brian rides often including centuries or 100 mile rides.  I, on the other hand, am a leisure rider more interested in the ten or fifteen mile rides.  Let's call mine decades.  Lake George village was crowded! The walkway on the lake was packed with people.

I'll share Brian's picture.  He got there looking happy and rested.  I had severe helmet hair, so you can't see that picture.  It was a perfect day for biking.

Back to the sock creatures.  I've decided that I will do a sock creature a day for thirty days.  Why?  Because I want to experiment with different designs, get better at sewing knits, have an hour or so a day to just have fun, and carry through on a totally absurd goal.

After getting home today, I created Aunty Lame.  Kiefer named this one, too.  See if you can figure out why he chose that name.

Everyone thinks he looks like an anteater!  I beg to differ.  Look at those pouty lips and those cat's eyes.

I went along with the name but insisted that it be spelled Aunty.  Since aunt is pronounced ant in my neck of the woods, Kiefer and I both win. It's kind of a plain name so I'm adding Lame--Aunty Lame.

Day three goal completed!