Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yesterday's Sock Creature--It's Betsey Johnson's Fault

I left the sock creature job until late in the day which is never a good idea.  The scarf from my last post took priority since it was needed for yard work.  Yes, I have the flowered scarf, but it did not match my brown t-shirt.

So here is the new creation:
Oh, she's from socks all right,  Betsey Johnson socks.

There is the oxox Betsey signature still visible on the other sock.

Frankly, I'm disappointed.  The words cheap, hussy, floozy, and broad come to mind when looking at her.  It's as though I've started a whole new line of red light district creatures.  I wrapped some ruffled edging to make her a dress because she looked--well--so naked.  It's obvious, though, that she would look more appropriate in sequins, silk,  leather, feathers, and/or possibly tulle.  These are not fabrics in my collection that usually puts out utilitarian items and baby stuff.  The white silk makes her look like a tart dressed as a school girl. Now I'm going to have to go to Joann's to buy some new fabric.  (Okay, so I guess something good has come of it.)

Because the designs are weaved into the cloth, these socks have all those loose threads inside.  It was a bit more challenging for sewing and stuffing, but just a little.    Other than that and the fact that clothing becomes almost a necessity,  it is as easy to make a bawdy bimbo as any other creature.

Day 4 Goal:  Completed

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