Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 7 Goal: Completed But...

I did finish the sock creature yesterday, but I had to sleep on it (not literally!) to come to terms with the results.  My intention was to create one from the winking Betsey Johnson socks again.  I had two reasons for this.  First, I bought two pairs of these socks for a grand total of four faces.  I have to use them up.  Second, I was thinking about Rue McClanahan who just passed away.  I loved her in The Golden Girls. While I didn't get to see the show often when it was first on,  it was always good when I did.  I happen upon reruns of it all the time now when channel surfing, and it stands the test of time well. 

Rue's character, Blanche,  was what my niece, Binnie, would call sophisticated with a touch of sleaze.  My intention with this creature was to honor Rue by making a doll-ish creature that would also be sophisticated with a touch of sleaze.  Unfortunately, my sewing is much like my bowling.  The results are seldom what I intended.  I have just as much chance of getting a strike as a gutter ball.  Amazingly, I never improve from that.  I joined a bowling league once.  Everyone assured me I would get better.  That didn't happen, and  I was not invited back the next year.

I can kind of understand the bowling (and tennis).  I lack depth perception.  Both my eyes work, just not together.  Sewing, though, I do not understand.  Yesterday's creation should have been an improvement from the first face sock.  I tried to give this one a neck.  The garish coordinating socks were changed to a floral for the torso and arms.  This one has more hair to eliminate the punk look.  I made sure she wouldn't look naked by making the legs the same color as the face and putting a skirt on her.

Somehow, though, I missed the sophistication entirely.  This one looks like an older alcoholic housewife after a serious binge.  How I managed to make the very same face that is on Charlotte the Harlot look so different I do not know.  I've named her Betsey the Boozer.  The Betsey is, of course, for Betsey Johnson.  I think she should bear some responsibility for these off-the-mark characters.  So here it is:

Unintentionally, I left some of the oxox Betsey signature the socks have on the neck area on the doll.  It came out as, "xox ETSY" which I find rather amusing.  Can you just see the Regretsy people finding this on Etsy?  They would have a field day presenting this to their followers.  If  you have somehow not used Etsy or seen Regretsy, just click one of those words.  I've linked them all.  I just love creating links.  Etsy is an online mega-store where people can create their own smaller stores for selling handmade items.  Regretsy is an online site presenting  the bizarre and just plain bad items listed on Etsy.  By and large, Etsy has incredibly wonderful items from very creative people.  Everything I've purchased has exceeded my expectations on arrival. 

So based on past experience, I should  unintentionally over-compensate with today's creature making something that resembles a baby toy rather than a creature.  The only thing I can guarantee, however,  is that whatever does happens, it will be unintentional.

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