Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kitchen Reorganizing - The Knives

I've been on a reorganization binge in the kitchen. My idea of making fabric boxes for the silverware did not work at all--too floppy, but I kept going with some store-bought things.  My drawers are oddly narrow making this simple white plastic organizer a HUGE find!
This and the most of the other items worked out. Like this
 and this

Everything except the knives.  I was too cheap to pay for a nice wood holder when my lovely husband has workshop tools up the wazoo.  I sent him downstairs with a mission and got this piece.

The fat one in the middle is for the ceramic knife because I refused to give up the cover that came with it.

All the other knives fit in the other slots,

and it all fits right in the drawer.
On to the junk drawer!


  1. Oh dear - sorry your fabric baskets didn't work out for the silverware - can you use them in the bathroom for little odds and ends, or in the sewing room for notiony goodness? I think I told you that our kitchen drawers are narrow too, and I had to search high and low for a silverware tray that was skinny enough to fit in :D I don't think I could use those little containers for my stuff - I have big fat things like potato mashers and pounding hammer thingies (that one is hubby's) and soup ladles. I have 2 clay pots on the counter that I use to hold plastic serving spoons and spatulas and slotted spoons and zesters and tongs etc :D They hold a lot, but I need to decorate or embellish them - they're kinda ugly ... and I'm kinda lazy, LOL.

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