Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny is as old as dirt.  If I have to wear reading glasses, s/he must need them as well.  Question is whether this bunny is male or female.  Anyone know??  I want proof--opinions only count in politics and other nonsensical things.  With proof, I will add either a nice bow tie or a hair fur ribbon.

Update:  From the Encyclopedia Mythica:  Ostara is the personification of the rising sun. In that capacity she is associated with the spring and is considered a fertility goddess. She is the friend of all children and to amuse them she changed her pet bird into a rabbit. This rabbit brought forth brightly coloured eggs, which the Greek goddess gave to children as gifts. From her name and rites the festival of Easter is derived.

If the bird changed into a rabbit "brought forth" eggs, it must have been a female bird changed to a female rabbit.  Yes!  Yes!  The Easter bunny is a female!!! 

For all those who celebrate Easter for religious or fun reasons, I am wishing you a sunny, happy day!



  1. Here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin' down the bunny trail
    Hippety hoppety - Easter's on it's way
    Bringin' every girl and boy
    *baskets full of Easter joy*
    Things to make their Easter bright and gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    He's a BOY! :)

  2. Nope. I'm not convinced yet. I am sorry that I must bust your bubble, Sandra the Sewing Muse. The Easter bunny was around long before that 1957 book about Peter Cottontail. The Easter bunny dates back to the 1600s or before. I see no actual proof that the Easter bunny is male.

  3. I stand corrected - I find your "proof" very compelling, and bow to your mad research skillz :D

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