Monday, March 7, 2016

The Perks of Being a Sewer

Oh, the upsides of sewing, and there are many.  You can make things you could not otherwise afford or tweak things to make them work just right for you.  You can create things that only you imagined! Sometimes you can make something you really need right now rather than having to head out to the store.

This is my new lingerie bag born as a result of misplacing my one and only lingerie bag at a time when the laundry could not wait another day.  While I may not be able to keep track of everything, my sewing room is organized well enough that I could find a zipper and a mesh fabric remnant.  Thanks to my sewing muse, Sandra, the zipper pouch queen, I have long since lost any fear of sewing zippers.  Using the method of moving the zipper down a bit from the top made this even simpler.

Start to finish, this project took about about five minutes.   Yay me for being a sewer, having a stash, and getting the laundry done!  As for the original bag that I knew would turn up sooner or later...

sitting on the quilt stand in my bedroom that I must have passed by at least five times while searching for it.  Eyes wide shut.


  1. HAHA couldn't you just kick your own a$$ when you overlook something multiple times while looking? I had to kick mine @ the fabric store on the weekend when I couldn't see the big 4 pound bags of stuffing (that bag was at least a yard tall, too) RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It wasn't laying on it's side on a bottom or top shelf - no, it was on a middle shelf, upright, and I walked by it at least 3 times before going to ask a clerk for help. I ended up telling her I had missed the entire aisle - HA! Cute mesh bag - I have a couple and I use them for laundry all the time :D

  2. You are so lucky you can sew like that. I can hem a dish towel and sometimes jeans if I don't break every needle in the house first.