Monday, February 29, 2016

Pinned It - Did It - Pants to Skirt

Finally!  I've been wanted to try this for years.

After reading and/or watching the tutorials on my Pinterest board, I took a few ideas, tweaked a few things, and got to work. First thing:  lots of seam ripping to open the center seam.

 There are tutorials for mini skirts, straight skirts, and pleated, but I wanted to do a simple one with the triangular inserts in the front and back.  Most tutorials I saw for this insert bent the center seam to the side and sewed it down like this:
I don't like that look.  Instead, I made a small cut on each side of the center seam and sewed it under. So, from this:

to this:
The long seam piece was cut down once it was turned under and sewn in.

I serged all the inside edges, turned up a half an inch twice for the hem, and it was finished.  I'm looking forward to try it again on some jeans next week.

The back


  1. Nice job on the skirt! GMTA - I don't like that look either (3rd picture) - that design has been around since the 70's that "I" can recall, and probably before that as well. Is that a hidden pocket for your g*u*n on the back at the bottom??! ;) Did you save the scraps of pant legs to make zipper pouches? I ask that because I just cut down 3 pairs of stained/ripped knee'd work pants of hubby's and put them in a pile to make "353 zippies" (353 is his union number, hehe) :D

    1. To clarify, I'm not MAKING 353 zippies out of his work pants - there's only enough fabric for about 12 >:)

  2. I really like what you've done with the centre seam. I've never really liked the curved seam look. Well done on a professional looking skirt! Pinning.

  3. That is a great looking refashioned pants to skirt! It does look better than the curve to the side.

  4. got to your blog via Threading my way. This is a great tip