Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look What I Made!

A sewer!  My daughter, Keegan, is finally REALLY sewing.  I waited for a few projects just be be sure it would stick.  She sewed curtains for her living room with assistance and her bedroom all herself.  This time she designed a valance complete with company logos embroidered across the top for her employer.  I helped with the embroidery.

Keegan is fortunate to have a job at a great company, and she wanted to show her appreciation by making a window valance for the new office.  She took it in to test out the width before finishing up the sides.  I'll post a pic once the valance is up.

UPDATE!  Here's the valance.  Keegan works in the regional Orkin office--hence, the diamond Orkin logo. 

Keegan has to come to my house to sew because she doesn't have a machine.  I'm torn on the idea of gifting her with a machine of her own.  I like having her come here for hours on end of sewing, coffee drinking, and a bit of gossip.  I think I'll wait until she asks for a machine;-}


  1. I am sure she also enjoys coming to you for sewing and coffee and lovely chats! How sweet of her to sew something for her company.

  2. Hi Keegan - I think your mom is very happy that you've "taken" to sewing, lol!

    Mom - buy her a machine and keep it at your house - ostensibly to teach her how to use it :) When and if she eventually takes it home with her, you two can do sew-ins @ each other's place :D

  3. Wow! Look at her level of concentration!! I don't blame you for enjoying her coming around to sew! I'd hold off on the machine too. I'm still afraid of mine!