Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Made Fish But Not For Dinner

These lovely batik fish are from a pattern Shaz of Odd Sox sent me along with a Christmas order after I told her I loved, loved, loved, her fish stuffies but couldn't afford them because I had so very many ideas for using the finished products.  You can see here what I mean.   (Sadly for rest of you, she's not selling the pattern in her Folksy shop.  Maybe with some encouragement...)

Red Fish

Purple Fish
Schools of Fish!
 And I'm just getting started here.  The red ones are in a basket for my dining room.

 The purple set below will be hanging from a picture frame by fishing line that will have this quote printed on a lovely piece of card stock:
Give a man a fish
and he has food for a day;
teach him how to fish
and you can get rid of him
for the entire weekend.
                                                                                                 from Zenna Shaffer
Can't you just picture these hanging from the frame with the quote above?

 I also want to make a mobile for my sun room from some bright multicolor prints--polka dots and stripes.  Those are going to be flat--using thin batting in the center so that they will float in the breeze.  Then there is the baby mobile in black and white prints.

New idea:  Forgot to mention the idea of using these for one of those magnetic fishing games for kids. Yet another use for those large long-handled paint brushes that I used to make the sewing room button and needle plaque.    My husband will be thrilled to find that he now needs to drill holes into small magnets so I can attach them to the "fishing poles" with a line AND holes in the small end of the wood handle.  I think a set of these would be a great gift idea. 

Can you see why I really needed a pattern?  If you don't have my obsession  need for an excessive amount  many of these amazing little creatures, you can contact Shaz to get some.  If you are lucky enough to live in her area of Britain, her blog will let you know where her craft booth will be set up next.  Lucky you.  Should I ever get a chance to visit Britain, I'll be working that trip around those craft shows.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You have been busy. They look fabulous, I'm so glad you were able to work with my pattern. I love your fabric choice, the 'bubbliness' of it looks really good. I like your idea of flat ones for a mobile - will look forward to seeing pics of that when it's done. Many thanks for the link too. I should be starting the 'new' request for you this week. :) Shaz x

    1. Once I got the fish pattern, I knew where those bubbly/watery batiks were going!

  2. As soon as this popped up in my blog reader and I saw the picture of the red fish ... I KNEW who did the post, lol. They're adorable, and those fabrics are luscious! One fish, two fish, red fish, purple fish :D

    1. I do have a bit of a stuffie obsession, don't I;-}

  3. Your fishes are so beautiful! As is your fishing quote :-). I love that sprinkly dotted purple one. and the dark purple one, and the red ones too!
    A beautiful day to you dear friend

  4. LOL... love the fishing quote and I just adore the purple batik fabric!!!

  5. Can you tell I'm finally catching up on some blog reading?? I love, love, love the fish! I have got to make friends with my sewing machine. Stuffies are all the rage and I can see why! Love the idea of a magnetic fishing game with them!