Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is how lazy I am

First, despite having had sewing machines for over 30 years, I'm just making my first machine cover.  I've thought about it FOREVER, but always found excuses.  I finally decided that something simple was better than nothing.  This is the result.
Yup.  It's just a rectangle of fabric--not even little ties on the sides.  It's made of duck cloth which is pretty stiff, but I added the two lines of top stitching to make the sides stand out. It hangs more evenly with the extra stitching.

I found the embroidery design at the Embroidery Library.
 See--here's the little Project Runway underneath.

I'm feeling a bit guilty about copping out with such a simple piece.  The embroidery machine did the hardest part with very little help from me.  Frankly, though, I finally realized that it was going to have to be simple or I'd never get around to making covers for the machines.  I have a saying that I use all the time that definitely applies here--it's so much better than nothing.

One down.  Three more to go!


  1. HAHA I can beat - or at least TIE!!! - you in the lazy department. I have 4 machines on my sewing table downstairs that I alternate using (I mainly use 2 of them). I've only made 1 cover (and it features my cat, so I do love that cover!). On one of the other ones, I use a ... don't laugh ... KA mixer cover I made ages ago, LOL!!! It's just the right size so what the heck - I keep it on the machine all year round (since I'm also too lazy to swap out mixer covers for different seasons/holidays) :D

  2. You mean I was supposed to make a cover for my mixer, too? Damn! Now I've got to make one of those, too. That should take another 30 years. By then I'll be too senile to know what to do with either the sewing machine or the mixer!

  3. Well, it looks like I'm lazy too!!! I have never ever made a sewing machine cover in 30+ years. My new machine has a tea towel for a cover when I can be bothered, or I just blow the dust off, if it's unused long enough to collect any.... Don't judge me!!! If I owned a mixer, maybe I'd use that... LOL!!! I LOVE your embroidery!!!

  4. It looks pretty good to me! The bird is cute too. I'm so lazy, my machine cover is the plastic that it came with!!!

  5. Oh my, i never made a cover for my machine. now you got me thinking... maybe this is why it keeps getting stuck, full of dust the poor thing.
    Your cover looks gorgeous and not at all like a 'lazy' project :-)

  6. thanks for stopping by. I need to make one for my machine. I do have some duck cloth . You got me thinking about making one. I am glad I was missed . I just needed some time away from any stress. Have a good day