Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking Mistakes in Stride

When I finished the second sewing machine cover today with this lovely design from The Embroidery Library
and set it on the machine next to the first one, something was definitely wrong:
Yup, that first bird, on the right, was heading in the wrong direction.  The good thing about my easy cover design is that I could just flip it to the other side and redo the embroidery design there.  I did own up to being on the lazy side yesterday, so I'm sure you knew I was NOT gonna start over from the beginning.
Much better this way, and no one but my blog readers and me will know about the little mistake on the back.

Another plus about the easy cover design is that it sits nicely on the back of my chair when I'm using the machine.

 Two covers down and two more to go.


  1. I won't tell either - birdies fly in all directions, lol!

  2. Oh they are both lovely birds. Makes me want to dabble in embroidery but that's a whole different animal. Hard enough for me to keep up with my quilting, ha.

  3. Looking at your gorgeous birds makes me want an embroidery machine. Your little bird looked fine to me... perhaps he was heading for a somersault.

  4. You are a better woman than I! I'd have left it that way! They are the cutest things with their little needle and thread though!