Friday, August 9, 2013

The Q Snap Embroidery Frame Has Arrived!

It finally arrived!  I've been spoiled by Amazon's quick shipping.  This took almost two weeks to arrive from Overstock and the USPS--Kentucky to New York.  I've gotten orders in China in half that time. Lesson learned.

On the bright side,  the Q Snap frame is great! Slides together quickly, no hoop burn on the fabric, easy to tighten and loosen just by rolling the snap-on covers, lightweight, sturdy, and comes apart for easy storage when not in use. 

A minute after opening the package, it's all set for that Arrested Development pattern.  I knew I'd like it because I have the mother of all Q Snaps, the full-size quilting frame complete with extenders on the back legs.  The leg extensions give it a nice slant for easier quilting
I've had this one for over twenty years.  Still love it. 

I'm setting a goal to finish this embroidery in two weeks.  I'm hoping the public humiliation that should result from not completing it on time will give me some extra incentive.  Yeah, I know.  That's silly!  Like that has ever worked before.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Little Hike Near Lake George, New York

Hiking with my lovely husband Brian is one of my favorite things, and we managed to get away for one on Friday.  While some people disagree with me, I consider Lake George to be in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.  As with all things like this, everybody has their own opinion about where these things start.  I'm sticking with Lake George!  (Don't even think about getting New Yorkers started on where Upstate New York begins.)

There are some nice little mountains trails close to the lake.   We chose the trailhead that leads to either Fifth Peak or Montcalm Point and opted to head up to Montcalm Point. 

In New York, our trails apparently have accents as one gets to the higher levels.  I never even noticed, but then I'm a born and raised New Yorker. I'm probably just used to the accent.   I've not hiked in the southern states.  Perhaps I would notice it  there.  That is the story I will be sticking with as opposed to admitting thinking that the word on the sign should have been ascent.

If you are in the area, you really have to try some of the hikes. We may not be able to spell, but we have some freakin' amazing wilderness trails. 
The Montcalm Point trail is well marked and pretty easy.  It was still a bit muddy in spots even though it has been dry lately--make sure you have appropriate footwear.  
It was perfect for feeding my fascination with tree fungus, rocks, and toadstools.  Forgot the camera AGAIN, but I had the iphone to get a few shots.  I don't ever recall seeing bright orange toadstools before.  They were beautiful.

I usually grab a rock or two to take home, but this one was safe from my thievery.

I find rocks like this to be regal.  Wouldn't mind having it in my yard!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

If You Like Arrested Development, You Might Like...

Okay, that doesn't look as nice as this finished product Janalyn shows you at her Etsy shop where you can buy the embroidery design shown in the top photo. 
Arrested Development Sampler Pattern

It's only $5!  No, I'm not making anything off this--just a huge fan of Arrested Development who is so glad that Netflix produced another season.  Yay, Netflix!  And while we are talking about Netflix, you have got to watch Orange is the New Black.  With these two series and House of Cards, Netflix is fast becoming my favorite place for television watching.  Oh, and yay, Janalyn for making this available.

So far, I've done:
I have a good reason, though.  I accidently ordered the pvc pipe frame for embroidering it from Overstock instead of Amazon.  I plead temporary insanity.  I could have purchased it for less, gotten free shipping (I have Amazon Prime), and quick delivery if I had ordered from Amazon.  Instead, I ordered from Overstock.  Here I sit, a week and a half later, still waiting for it to arrive.  The mail carrier has already been here, so it won't be arriving today.  Yeah, Overstock shipped using the U. S. Postal Service.  And, yeah, it's gonna be a while.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Singer Fusion Thread

Is it just me?  My Singer Fusion thread spools keep disintegrating like this.
They start out nice like the ones on the top, but seem to develop brittle spool disease.  With the slightest pressure, the tops of the spools start breaking and crumbling like the one on the bottom.  I've already thrown out a couple rather than risk getting those bits of plastic into the innards of my machine.  Those that haven't broken are used with a REALLY light touch now to avoid damaging them.  It's not that these spools are that old--can't be more than a year or two. 

That said, the thread itself is fine.  I don't get much lint from it even when I've used it for machine embroidery.  I also like the colors.  Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem with the spools. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Those Lutherans!

I saw this bumper sticker in a parking lot and made a fool out of myself standing there all alone laughing .
I hope it's legible, but, just in case it's not clear, it lists a Lutheran church on top with this saying, "Where God Makes Us Better Lovers".  I guess that's one way to get people to attend.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Inexpensive Way to Keep the Sewing Machine Pedal Foot From Sliding

As I sew, the foot pedals slowly slide farther and farther back until I'm forced to go crawling under the tables to retrieve them.  Consequently, I've been lusting after what the Keepsake Quilting catalog calls the "Pedal Betty" forever.  The catalog price on that sweet little device to solve my problem, however, is $27.99 to $37.99 depending on size. 

While staring at this remnant of Grip Stop fabric I bought at Joann's,

I decided to try a much less expensive solution that worked out really well!   I sewed two squares of the fabric of the size I wanted wrong sides together, flipped so that the grippy dots would be on the outside, and top stitched around the edges.

These are the serger and embroidery machine pedals

and these are for the two sewing machines
 Joann's charges way too much for the fabric IMHO, but coupons and/or remnants bring that down.  I paid about $4 for the piece I got and have quite a bit left over for other projects.

Also happening in the sewing room:  I'm trying a new configuration for the sewing machines.  The sewing tables are now back-to-back away from the wall rather than against the wall individually.  The thought is that I will be able to put the serger and the embroidery machine on the floor for extra space when machine quilting.  The back table should provide support for the heavy fabric as I'm sewing. Well, that's the plan. We shall see how that works out!
Yes, that is fabric stored under the table.  I really have to stop buying fabric.

This furniture moving does count as housework, right?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Made the Noodlehead Sidekick Tote

This is a great pattern!  The instructions are well-written and easy to follow.  I will admit I chose a boring color--again. 

The photo above, however, makes it look old and worn out already.  It looks much better in person--a nice chocolate brown.  The lining has some color, though.

My flap pocket has a snap because I'm still in my snap obsession phase (or should I say craze).

The recessed zipper instructions were so clear even I couldn't mess them up. 

I pretty much stuck to the pattern.  Yeah, I can't believe it either. I only made a few tiny changes.  First, I used a medium-weight canvas material instead of the interfaced cottons and linens the pattern shows.  Then, I didn't make the strap adjustable.  I convinced myself I didn't need it, but I may regret that later.   When I'm getting close to the end of a project these things happen. 

For some reason, my bag came out an inch narrower and almost two inches shorter than the size listed on the pattern. This problem with getting the sizing right happens to me way too often.   I even used a little metal piece with different seam measures on it to make sure I was using the 3/8" allowance.    Must get new glasses.