Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Consider this your Christmas card!  I texted this photo to everyone on my phone list telling them to start humming Jingle Bells before reading my holiday message. So much better than writing out all those cards. I'm also hoping it will start a trend so that I won't have to read the tome-like missives that have grown so popular over the years.  Maybe I'm just jealous because mine would have said things like "Keegan hasn't bitten anyone in a week, and gosh, we're excited about that!" or Kyle got thrown out of the choir for faking singing which is such a hoot, right!" or "Kiefer refused to play any sports this year.  He can't possibly take the time away from video games."  

Still lovin' the chalkboard door. This is the best way to make a snowperson and the only way you will see me making  one.  I feel like I'm seven again playing with all this chalk, and my snowperson looks like a seven-year-old created it. 

Got the new tree up!

Went with a new lighted tulle tree skirt from Pinterest because this new tree is much narrower and lower to the floor than the old one.  My old tree skirt (also known as all the stuffed animals the kids accumulated) just wouldn't work.  You can see that original tulle pin here. 

I was surprised that it took twelve yards of fabric to fill out the area under my skinny tree.  Kinda elegant looking, though,  isn't it!

I turned my old tree skirt into a cell phone charging station.  Too much???
Most importantly, 



  1. 1. LOL @ the new charging station - too funny, but definitely memory-laden, I'm sure :D
    2. The tree is gorgeous - almost magical :) Tulle Christmas tree skirt with twinkle/fairy lights - LIKE!! And it eliminates the need to buy gifts - there's nowhere to put them - it's a $$ saver ;) The link to the Pinterest pin doesn't work though - it goes to <--- :D
    3. Your snowman is far better than anything I could draw - I failed at stick figures, pffft.
    4. I have a friend who sends out those Christmas missives - they're TWO PAGES OF TYPED TEXT. My family doesn't have that much news in a decade, let alone in just a year. Let's see ... Mom gained 50 pounds, dad lost a tooth and thinks it doesn't show, so now we call him Cletus ... etc. etc. :D I believe most of those letters utilize the old baffle 'em with bullsh** technique, and embellish to make commonplace occurrences into tales of wonder and delight. The only wonder is wondering why we have to read this crap every year, LOL!

  2. You crack me up! I love your snowman chalk art! Sam and I spend the first part of our Thanksgiving road trip verbally making up our Christmas letter that we're never going to send because it would sound so ridiculous! But it's fun! Your tree skirt looks ethereal. Maybe I'll try that in my bedroom next year where i hope to have a white tree. Now the stuffed animal cell phone charging station......hysterical!! Merry Christmas to you my friend!

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