Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quick Peek at the Christmas Aprons and Towels

Okay!  After sitting around wasting time agonizing about which fabric to use, what colors, which embroidery designs, I've finally gotten busy with the aprons.  I decided months ago that I would make unisex aprons for my three kids and their mates or, as my son  likes to say, their counterparts. This apron is for one of the girls.
I'm using a heavier-weight denim which is making sewing on the straps a pain with the multiple layers of heavy fabric.  I've ordered some nylon webbing that I may end up using instead.  The embroidery design is from Urban Threads, and I'm quite happy with it.
There's a theme going here believe it or not.  This design goes with the "you wash, I'll dry" designs I put on sets of white with denim blue trim kitchen towels.
Design is from The Embroidery Library
I have a set of yellow towels to match the yellow apron design and teal towels for the apron designs in teal.  I do hope this is making sense.  It's after midnight here.  I probably shouldn't be allowed to put things on the internet at this hour.  Feel free to let me know of any errors.

Moving on!  The last couple will be spending Christmas in Mongolia which will give me a few more weeks to stress out about colors for them.

My latest setback is this design which I planned to use of the guys' aprons.
It just looks wonky cuz it's hanging wrong.  

First, it turns out that most people have no idea what this means.  For those people, the urban dictionary defines it as being a response to a statement that something cannot be done.  Example:  "You cannot possibly do that recipe.  It's too hard." Response "Challenge Accepted"  To me, it seemed like such a male response to cooking--the men in my family anyway.

 Second issue with this design is that all those curly lines look too feminine to me now that it's on an apron.  The shiny embroidery thread further adds to this problem.  My daughter's counterpart (I can't believe i just typed that word) is a weight-lifting, motorcycle-driving mechanic. Only his tools can  shine.  Any suggestions for a replacement design or quote would be most appreciated.


  1. Aprons with matching kitchen towels are a great present idea!!! Love the first set. I wouldn't change the 2nd quote. I can see what you mean about the curly lines, but I really don't think it looks feminine.

  2. What a great idea! I'm not so sure the last apron is too feminine and i did know what it meant (whew!..not that old yet). As for new ideas....I'm still on my first cup of coffee!

  3. That's a great apron, but I know your pain with the thick seams. I'm assuming you tried a jeans needle and/or a hump jumper? Love the set idea - it co-ordinates without being too matchy matchy :)

    I knew what it meant, although my first thought was that it related to a crafty "finish a Christmas gift" challenge rather than cooking one, LOL! I agree that the curly lines are kinda girly - can you do the stitch-out without that part of the design? Or maybe leave out the swirls and add cooking utensils underneath - maybe crossed? Another idea - "Challenge accepted - real men cook" :D

  4. I love the "Challenge Accepted" line! I have two aprons, one says "Beef - It's What's For Dinner" (from the beef council in the 80's), and the other one says "Who Invited All These Tacky People?".